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    Phonics Flashcards

    I'm sure I'm just being blind and not seeing it but is there a place that all the phonics cards are listed that you use per lesson? Or the new ones you add?

    I feel like I'm following the script while I teach the lesson but then a few lessons later I will see there were other flashcards we are supposed to have been studying. We also switch up curriculum sometimes to cover difficult topics so when we come back it would be nice to have an easy reference to see the new cards to add in.

    I am convinced FSR is a great curriculum but I am struggling to get into a good rhythm with it and I think the flashcards are a part of that. Or it might be the fact I'm trying to teach twins ????
    N - 3rd grade at HLN
    G - 1st grade at home
    A - 1st grade at home

    In the FSR Teacher Guide look at the beginning of each lesson, it tells you what cards are covered as far as the new letter or phonogram introduced for that lesson. If there is an Optional Lessons (those in the gray boxes) they will list any cards pertinent to those there.