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  • Mrs Bee
    The goal for our family was to let the children have some time with daddy before he left for work, so this is the routine I came up with:

    - from 7:15am to 7:40am they need to get up, unmake their beds, open windows (if the temp is within reason), wash face etc., and dress. They don't shower in the morning because I've seen it takes them too long! So we keep that for evenings, or right after swim, etc.
    - at 7:40am they join my husband and me for family breakfast, though our youngest might still be asleep. I'm Italian, so I wouldn't disclose even under torture what we eat for breakfast, or you'd hound me out of town: my husband is scandalized enough
    - 8pm is morning prayer time: morning offering, other prayers, reading about the saint/feast of the day
    - After that they have until 8:30am to do spiritual reading in the quiet of their rooms: it can be Bible, a saint life, things like that. Ideally, this would be Mass time, but the combination of driving and actual Mass times make it impossible for now.
    - At 8:30am we start school, and we work until 10am: we've always done Math and Latin first thing every day, so after that they need a break. This incoming school year I'm revisiting how I organize their work in this morning spot, since they'll have MPOA classes 9am-10:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    - At 10am they have a half-hour break: they need to make their beds, then they are free to run around, eat a snack, etc. This will now be pushed to 10:30am, after the online classes.
    - More work until noon, when we stop briefly to pray the Angelus
    - Lunch is at 12:45pm

    I see other people are much better at incorporating bits of chores into the morning routine (like putting things in the dishwasher): I'm way behind in this, I really don't care if the glasses, cups and bowls sit in the sink for a while...
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  • Fireweed Prep
    My kids also take forever to eat breakfast. We have had to change our menu to accommodate that*. I think they consume at least 50% of their daily calories at breakfast!
    Here's what we do (as of this week haha)
    6:50 I wake up and wash face, dress, make bed, etc. I try to remember to hug each kid as they wake up.
    7:00 the kids' alarm goes off (they wear their next day clothes to bed, so they wake up dressed!) and the older two make their beds, brush teeth and hair, and tidy their room before they come out. We all meet in the kitchen where the Kindergartener unloads the dishwasher, the third grader makes breakfast* and sets the table, and the little one helps
    7:30 we sit down to eat
    8:00 we finish up, everyone clears their place, and the third grader is in charge of loading the dishwasher and wiping down the table while I start a load of laundry (we have assigned laundry days so I only do one load per day). Then we go on a walk.
    8:30 back from walk, and we gather for morning prayers (we keep it short!) and I will add the Pledge of Allegiance once I procure a flag.

    I really have to keep everyone moving; they will absolutely lollygag around if I don't hound them. But, they love going on our little walk/bike ride, so that does serve as a bit of a carrot. They know that school starts at 8:30, period, so if we don't have time for a walk, that's on them.

    *Breakfast: we have some pretty significant dietary limitations, but in general, the kids eat muesli that I soak with coconut yogurt, almond milk, and collagen peptides the night before (I make up a huge batch of oats etc every few weeks); eggs and sausage and toast; occasionally granola with coconut yogurt (this takes longer to serve and they need multiple servings of it so I try to limit this for time purposes); oatmeal in the cooler months that I soak overnight so it cooks up quick. I like blueberries or bananas best for breakfast fruit since it requires very little prep. If we have kiwi or strawberries or peaches I have to get that ready the day before. I have to eat greens and liver sausage (that gets old haha) so I make sure to batch cook the greens and homemade sausage, and just dole it out onto a plate and heat it in the microwave each morning.

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  • enbateau
    I also wake around 6:45 am. I wake the kids by 7 if they don't hear me making my bed and getting dressed. They have to make their beds before they leave their room. My 5yo recently has been fully dressing before breakfast because he's so cold in the mornings. This is new and hanging breakfast up a little. I help the kids with toast and spreading things, but they take their plates or bowls, rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. We're trying to get to sponging down the table. After breakfast, I read the Bible and talk about it. Then, they have 10 minutes to get dressed (eldest), put jammies in their hamper, brush their teeth and hair (I help both! oh my!), open their blinds and doors to lighten up the hallway, and then meet me in the homeschool room for the Pledge of Allegiance. We start between 8:15 and 8:20 most mornings. I have NO EARTHLY IDEA how eating and Bible takes us an hour. My kids are like cows grazing in a meadow, and they eat an insane amount of food. I'm not willing to wake up at 5:45 or wake them any earlier, because no matter what we do, it takes these kids one hour and 30 minutes to do their morning routine...and they slow down even more for every minute before 6:30 that I wake them. And they get snippy with each other and dissolve into a puddle of tears when they're sleep deprived.

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  • MBentley
    I start waking (shouting up the stairs) the kids around 6:45. They have to brush their teeth and get showers. After showers, they have to start making breakfast. They have to show up to breakfast dressed and ready to go.

    It's the goal to start school at 8:30. Sometimes we make it. Usually it's a bit later. My kids are young though and slow eaters.

    I should mention this is a new thing - only last few weeks. It's working reasonably well though.

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  • TheAttachedMama
    started a topic OT- Streamlining mornings

    OT- Streamlining mornings

    Can anyone share their system at home for managing mornings before school starts? (Basic hygiene and chores, that type of thing.). I am trying to put some new system in place, and could use some ideas on what works for other families.