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OT: How I emptied a Kindle of Everything.

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    OT: How I emptied a Kindle of Everything.

    Originally posted by howiecram View Post

    How did you “clean” the kindle? The books amazon has on the free time drive me bananas and I have not found any easy way to delete them?
    It did. For HOURS. If anyone is interested in it taking less than your whole Saturday, I'll show you what I did. Hope it helps.

    I wanted (needed) some help with some of the audible books. I did not want to give them a new toy and these devices are for the school room only. We are a highly distractible group (Mama included) so if it's going to be useful, it has to be "clean" of everything that could make us "Squirrel!" (For those that haven't watched the movie "Up"...this is what happens to all of the dog characters when they get distracted mid-thought by the image or even idea of a squirrel. It removes their attention, no matter what they are doing).

    I think I'm pretty close to my goal. This is the only thing my child sees when he opens up the device. There's no browser, no recommendations, no extra anything. I want the current Audible book, the quizlet App, and I'm playing around with the Spotify for classical but it may be getting deleted soon. It's new to me. There is nothing else the child can do on this device. For all intents and purposes, I've eliminated every extra that the device can do. No movies. No music, No games/apps. Nothing. What makes this work is the ability to turn OFF the wifi.

    Click image for larger version

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    The first phase must be done by computer. It will make phase 2 easier. Sort of.

    1) I don't use free time. I suspect invoking free time gives Amazon license to "push" stuff. If you want to use free time, maybe create a profile just for that purpose?

    2) I had to edit the "shared" library. Each kid needs their own profile and Amazon lets you have 4 kid profiles I think. Create a profile for each kid, and be sure to give each kid their own icon so it's easier to see which is which (like a dinosaur). Using a computer first go into your account and look at the family library. Path (Amazon - Amazon sign in Drop down menu - Content and Devices - Content ) Use the orange "Show Family Library" Then, Un-Share EVERYTHING from that kid's profile. Books, Audible, absolutely everything. You may have to use the drop down menu for each sub heading (books, audible, magazines and just go down the list). I have been absolutely unable to make the Amazon music part work yet - even if it is prime music for the classical stuff. It's like an "all or nothing" so I am trying a few different ideas with music that don't require a monthly subscription. I'm not having luck yet. I don't really want to create an paid account with Spotify. Spotify may be going away.

    3) If you don't do this by computer first, the system will automatically share everything with that profile and authorize it to the device. Clean up takes forever if this happens. Ask me how I know.

    4) Once you have the profile clean of everything, be very selective about what you want to share. At first, I added all of the kid's books and audible books. Then I realized I made the biggest distraction ever with all of the pretty cover art. They would have to search to find their specific school book. If I'm really restricting this, then I need the kid to see ONLY what is relevant to class time. (Having said that, I just had a thought - if you have an extra "profile" available, you could just create a school profile with these severe restrictions so that the device can be signed out of "school" use and put back into another kid profile for "outside of school use". )

    5) When you set up a new device, it automatically uses the primary account. Technically, this primary parent account is always there in the background of the device. It's passcode protected though, so kiddo can't get to that area. For all they know, this doesn't even exist unless you show it to them.

    6) Add this new profile to the device and sign into it. I opted not to use a passcode for the kid profile so that as soon as the device is open, work can begin.

    7) Go into the settings and select "Add Content" or "Remove Content". This is where things get tricky.
    For reasons I can't explain, the device is very intent on adding content that you have already told it not to share. This is why the earlier step is important - it reduces the number of "errors" you have to fix. You have to review these one by one. The ones you have authorized to the device (whether you did or not) are darkened with a checkmark on top of them. If something has a checkmark that you don't want, you have to tap it to remove it's checkmark. I did this. Many times. Sometimes it would take, other times it wouldn't. There were a handful of books that persistently showed up on the device (even though they had no checkmark). I would go back into the settings, verify that there was no checkmark, and yet, it still showed up. What I (FINALLY) found to work was that I had to shut off the wifi, wait 15 seconds, and turn it back on. That seemed to help it reset itself. One book took about 8 attempts before it finally showed me the checkmark (that was previously invisible) and I was able to manually uncheck it. Turning off the wifi and waiting 15 seconds and turning it back on finally eliminated it.

    8) Once I had it down to what I wanted, I opened up the audible book and downloaded it to the device. It doesn't need wifi to work anymore. Kiddo can pick up where he left off.

    9) I opened up the Quizlet app. It seems to download all of the "written" stuff to the device. This is where I think I can get the most use from it. I can create the flashcards on the web using my computer, and then open up the App on the kid device with the wifi on. If I do that, it seems to "remember" and temporarily downloads it and it doesn't require wifi to work for some time later. I'm not saying I won't have to turn on the wifi to get a "refresh" every once in a while. For all intents and purposes, I have the written flashcards saved to the device and I don't need wifi on very often.

    One Problem: The artwork doesn't seem to work as well. If we are reviewing artwork flashcards, I'm going to have to turn the wifi back on. Interestingly, the matching game with the artwork still works if wifi is off. With wifi off, it may show the verbiage for the flash cards but not the picture of the art work itself.

    Hope that helps!


    DS (MP3) - 9
    DS (MP2) - 7/8
    DS (K) - 6
    DD (Adorable distraction) 2 1/2