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    For my kids in 3rd through 6th, I do a daily “Drill Time.” I work with my younger kids first, so these older kids do their independent work during the morning hours. It helps that they have all been with MP for years now. You are probably still helping them do each subject right now - but most likely they will get the hang of things soon and begin to be more independent as you go forward.

    For now, when you are teaching each subject, I would take the lesson book and drill through anything in the current lesson, plus the previous ones of the unit - anything that will be on the next test. As Tanya mentioned, have them highlight which questions will be on the test if you want to focus them on that. I even stopped doing that. We go very quickly through anything that’s there to see how well they are retaining it and to point out areas they may need more practice. No more than five to ten minutes. Then move on to the lesson.

    For later, when they are working a bit more independently, what we do is that they go through their key subjects and make a stack of what they have completed. Then when it is their turn with me, we always follow the same pattern: oral drill from math then I check their work; recitation of Grammar forms from Latin and check their work; oral quiz of spelling words; oral quiz of Catechism questions; drill on the rotating subject of the day and check the guide; check the literature guide and do discussion; then teach English/comp.

    Having all these drills done together keeps the whole time moving very quickly. I have one child for whom she needs smaller check-ins to stay on task with her work, but this pattern has worked well for all my others.

    Personally, I don’t like all the moving pieces of flash cards or review boxes. I drill directly from the TM, including the drill questions in the back. My kids don’t know that some kids don’t have to answer all the questions, and they don’t know ahead of time what will be on the test. I could not keep up with those sorts of adjustments, but these guys have risen to the expectation, praise God!

    My kids do use quizlet regularly - usually two to three times per week and they prefer it to physical flash cards. It is a completely independent activity that is part of their school time - and I usually have to tell them they are done or they would just keep “playing” the review games. That’s pretty much their only screen time during the school week aside from an occasional evening movie so they enjoy it.

    hope that gives some more ideas for you!
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      Wow, so much wonderful advice. Thank you so much. I'm going to have to just keep trying some of these suggestions until we hit our groove. We are, after all, only 6 weeks in. The support from MP and other users is phenomenal!

      Thanks again for taking the time to help!

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