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Quizlet - Is this a Must Have?

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    Quizlet - Is this a Must Have?

    Hello Everyone...

    I was wondering whether you use and would recommend Quizlet...If you do use it, did you pay for the membership or just use the free version?...Is it very helpful, or a waste of time and money?...Is it only helpful when there are no flashcards, or do you find it helpful for your students regardless?

    Talk to me about Quizlet ????

    Homeschooling two boys
    DS -19 (9/00) Homeschool graduate, in college
    DS -15 (9/04) (SN) MP Year 8 w/ FF Latin
    DS -14 (7/06) MP Year 8 w/ FF Latin

    We (my daughter and I) used the free version for several subjects including Latin, Greek, Math, and Famous Men. That version was enough for us a good use of time. I highly recommend it.


      Thank you Michelle :-)


      Homeschooling two boys
      DS -19 (9/00) Homeschool graduate, in college
      DS -15 (9/04) (SN) MP Year 8 w/ FF Latin
      DS -14 (7/06) MP Year 8 w/ FF Latin


        It really helped one of my sons who needed more ways to work with the material. The free version lets you use them as flashcards, do fill in the blanks, play matching games, etc.
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          We use the free version, and yes, it's extremely helpful. My kids prefer it to standard flash cards because they can do the flash feature, but can also do rapid recall games and whatnot.

          For my high schoolers, I have them make study sets (especially for courses that MP doesn't have a guide for yet) and then I use the "test" feature as their weekly quiz grades. Then all I have to do is make up bigger tests. It really cuts down on my prep.

          I schedule it into everyone's CG two to three times per week.

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            I am going to try using it this year too. I picked up some cheap amazon kindles during Amazon prime day and worked to get it "clean" for school use. I wanted no distractions. The device only has the current literature book on audible, and the quizlet app, both of which can be downloaded so that the entire device can work offline.

            I created a set for art so far so that we can quickly go through previous art work pieces we covered along with pictures, artist, and art style.

            I just finished 1st the other day. Here's a link if anyone needs it.


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              My kids find quizlet very helpful. I paid for the teacher version (Black Friday deal) and haven't found the extras to be worth the additional cost. We'll just stick with the free version.
              Amanda - Mama to three crazy boys (7A, 6M, 2), classics major

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                We like the free version as well. Hard to beat no cost.
                Festina lentē,
                Jessica P

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                  Originally posted by MBentley View Post
                  I am going to try using it this year too. I picked up some cheap amazon kindles during Amazon prime day and worked to get it "clean" for school use. I wanted no distractions. The device only has the current literature book on audible, and the quizlet app, both of which can be downloaded so that the entire device can work offline.

                  How did you “clean” the kindle? The books amazon has on the free time drive me bananas and I have not found any easy way to delete them?

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                    I believe I did upgrade quizlet to get rid of the ads.

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                      I upgraded too. I wonder if that is why most of it works offline on the kindle device?

                      DS (MP3) - 9
                      DS (MP2) - 7/8
                      DS (K) - 6
                      DD (Adorable distraction) 2 1/2


                        Hey ladies, I am jumping into this conversation thread. We are new to MP, 6 weeks in and we are still trying to work out some of the kinks. Here is my dilemma.......what should I use as review so my kids can retain what they are learning and also concurrently study for test?

                        There are so many resources; recitation in manual, quizlet, facts to know in SG, 100(ish) drill questions in the back of TM's, flashcards and review boxes. I just made a review box for my 5th grader, which after only a week, I am already seeing progress. Its a very systematic way to always be reviewing what you have previously learned but it isn't quite capturing everything.

                        Here is the concern which is leading me to wonder what is the best / most effective method???

                        1 - not every subject has flash cards or "facts to know" that can easily be placed in a review box. (There are a TON of parent / teacher shared resources that I am LOVING)
                        2 - the information on the flash cards is not always the information that needs to be retained / studied for test (specifically FMOR).

                        I am really trying to find something that is systematic, ideally not super hands on from me (after the initial set up) and that will help them both retain and study for upcoming test. There are so many options, I am just trying to glean from some more seasoned MP users which may be the most effective.

                        Thanks for your time.


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                          I think you will get good recommendations from others based on what they do, but I can speak to how we handle this in the classroom. It does vary from subject to subject, but it can be a help to you if you mark your teacher guides with the questions, vocabulary, etc. that is on each test. That lets you know where you need to concentrate your time with your students. In our classrooms, we then have students highlight the things they need to retain in their study guides for each lesson as we teach each one. So when we do a FMR lesson, students highlight the vocabulary they need to know, Facts to Know, and comprehension questions. Our younger students then review this information as a starter before each class. Then, when they get to the tests, they have already done a good amount of work to master the material. The flashcards for the drill questions are leading you toward the final exam. These are the facts we want to put into students' permanent memory so we work on them all year. This can be just a couple of minutes at the beginning of class or a game at the end.

                          We don't actually use the review boxes except in 3rd grade at HLS. After that, we review in each individual class. And we generally start each class with a review of what we did the week before. So for literature, we will review the story so far and then move forward. And if we have had students highlight in their study guides, we will quickly review all that information that will be on the next test, so we could be reviewing several chapters at a time. But this should move quickly.

                          For Latin, we are constantly reviewing vocabulary and reciting grammar forms. This is a mastery subject where everything builds, so students have to get it before moving on. So review here is more crucial than review in history or literature. For Latin, the review is to reinforce information the students need to never forget. For history and literature, the review is generally to prepare for a unit test, but once that test has been taken, we don't really return to that information. For history and Christian Studies, the flashcards are your guide for what you want your students to retain. The unit tests are testing their comprehension of what they are studying, but it doesn't all necessarily need to be retained long-term. They will study it again.

                          I hope this didn't confuse you more! I have worked on it for a couple of hours and been interrupted a lot!



                            I wish I could speak to 5th grade, but I am finding some of the same issues with 3rd grade. The CS1 flashcards are good but not always complete for what needs to be studied for a test. I know the TMs are supposed to be used to direct students to highlight the numbers in the study guide that will be topically hit on a test. I'm still trying to figure out a way to direct her reading back through her guide to see what needs to be studied...perhaps even having her augment her flashcards to reflect the additional information if need be. To date, I have been asking my 3rd grader to make her own flashcards that she can put into the Review box (things like days of creation, what dominion means, etc, that are mentioned to study in the study guide). I also start each lesson with review from weeks prior and a full hitting of topics in the TM that aren't the general content (like grammar vs. just vocabulary and conjugations/declensions in LC). It's still 100% up to me to schedule the review, make sure she is staying on top of her review and listening to her answer so I can guide where she needs to review and focus. My 3rd grader lacks the executive functioning skills to adequately asses whether she "has it" or not. So, Quizlet is worthless to me so far. If your 5th grader has a strong work ethic and integrity, I could see it being more useful.
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                              I also find the that working backward from the test is the best way to manage it. It does take time for me to flip between the test answers and the individual lessons to circle everything.

                              More and more I'm discovering that the flashcards sets do NOT cover what is on the tests. They both have extra info and not all the info. I should say that's only for Christian Studies I and II and Greek Myths and Famous Men of Rome as those are the ones I have experience with. The Latin flashcards are great and necessary.
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