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    Chreia/Maxim Research

    I'm getting ready to teach C/M for the first time, and as I'm reading through the TM carefully, I have concerns over the research portion of each lesson, and need a bit more hand-holding than what the TM provides.

    Here are a couple of my initial questions:

    1) How is this portion of C/M treated when students have no frame of reference of the person being quoted? Do I, as the teacher, just provide the information?
    2) Practically, what does the research section consist of? How long should this take and what resources are advised?
    3) I see from rweston 's reply in a different thread that the research portion is not the focus of the lesson. What tips are there for ensuring this doesn't happen? I have a lot of moving parts to my day, and a rabbit trail on research is usually not the best use of our time. { *cringe* Please don't throw tomatoes at that last statement.}

    Thank you!
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    HI, Lauren. Good (and common) questions. I'll take a shot at providing some insight, but please let me know if there are follow up questions.

    1. Though it is not the central focus of this program, it does offer teachers the opportunity at a "soft introduction" to the important skills of research. If this is something a family wants to take advantage of, I recommend doing so by including an encyclopedia in the preparation process. Have a student find the speaker in the encyclopedia and extract a few facts. You could even limit this to every other lesson, or even more infrequently if you choose. The alternative, and this is not a lesser option at all, the teacher can simply write out a paragraph about the author using the facts in the TG (or facts they already know). These two options really have nothing to do with the skills being conveyed in CM and everything to do with the skill of research.

    2. As mentioned above, this will be determined by how you approach the opportunity. Regardless, it should not take more than 15 mins.

    3. The best way t o avoid rabbit trails is to have a clear vision of what the goals are. As I said in that other thread, the main focus of CM is the skill of purposefully developing an idea through illustrating it in a narrative, or pointing out an example, or supporting it through an appeal to the speaker/supporters ethos (the Encomium exercise). Developing an idea in an ordered, systematized, and coherent way is the thing that matters for this writing program and anything that is taking away from that should be addressed.
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