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How do you grade the English Grammar Recitation Quizzes?

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  • Michael
    Good afternoon Cathy,

    I spoke with several of our grammar school teachers and they make each EGR quiz worth a total of 10 points regardless of the number of questions to recite. Students are graded on how accurately they answer the question(s), with "accuracy in content, though not necessarily in every word" being the measuring rod (EGR Teaching Guidelines). You could also incorporate physical elements of the student's presentation into the grade, e.g., posture or looking forward and not down.


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  • How do you grade the English Grammar Recitation Quizzes?


    I typically have my two oldest students practice reciting their grammar recitation questions to each other during the week. (It gives them something to do while I work with their younger brother and teach him to read.).

    My plan for next year is to have them practice independently throughout the week, and then I will give them each a recitation "quiz" on Friday to make sure they are keeping up with their independent study. I would love to assign them some sort of grade because I feel like it will motivate them. However, I have no idea how to grade an oral recitation quiz. Any tips?