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Prima Latina for 1 year and then what?

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    Prima Latina for 1 year and then what?

    I am considering Prima Latina for my next year 3rd grader. Neither of us have any experience with Latin although I do have 3 years of Spanish (long ago) under my belt. I'm looking at the catalog chart on p. 8 where it gives a sample scope and sequence. For a 3rd grader with no experience it suggests Prima Latina for 1 year moving on to Latina Christiana I for fourth grade. But the chart shows PC all the way from 4th through 7th grade. Is it designed to be used for that long or do you just keep going back through? Or do you just move on to PC II when your child has finished PC I? Then I don't know what to do after PC II if we don't want to do traditional Henle Latin.

    Thanks in advance for answering this question!

    Nicole <><

    Chart Just Tells Where to Start Latin.

    That chart just tells where to start Latin based on your current experience. For example, if you start PL in 2nd grade, you can move to LC in 3rd and 4th grade, and then to Henle Latin in 5th Grade and up.

    If you start in 5th grade, you would start with LC for two years and then move to Henle. etc.

    Just follow the sequence and take your time. Mastery is more important than what book you are in.
    Brian Lowe