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Where to start for 7th grader?

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    Where to start for 7th grader?


    I've been reading here and on the Facebook group for a while and everything is blending together in my mind. I would love some clarification on the best place to start with my 7th grader specifically in Classical Studies. He will be completely new to a classical model of education.

    I feel fairly confident on where to start with language:

    First Form Latin
    English Grammar Recitation II
    Classical Composition I

    Regarding Classical Studies, I had thought Intro to Classical Studies would be the best place as it combined several courses he will have missed, but then read that it is an older course that was developed before the current program. I noticed the website recommended starting in the 5th year for older students. He is not familiar with Greek Myths.

    What is the best recommendation for my son? I would also like for him to do the Geography I set so I am wondering if it coordinates with a specific Classical Studies module.

    Thank you for your advice!


    We were in the same position last year (7th grade daughter) and decided to do Greek Myths and really enjoyed it. It gave us time to adjust to working with a curriculum as we had a steep learning curve across all subjects (we are in the UK and there are not any accessible UK-based curriculums for homeschooling here). Over the summer we are doing Famous Men of Greece and the Trojan War in readiness for Classical Studies I with MPOA this year. This approach has worked well for our situation and looking back I do not think my daughter would have done well going straight into The Book of the Ancient Greeks.

    I don't feel equipped to advise you as I am still feeling very new to it all but I thought I would share what has worked for us in case it helps you at all.



      GensMum has given you a fine plan, and I am going to introduce another one that is a little more challenging. Either plan is good, depending on the motivation of your student and how quickly you want to move. You can have your son ready for our 7th grade classical studies if you have him read D'Aulaires' Greek Myths and Famous Men of Rome this summer. That will introduce him to the material he has missed thus far and prepare him for Famous Men of Greece. It would also be great if he could study The Trojan War as part of his literature next year. It is in our 7th grade curriculum. Our goal for 7th grade is to prepare students to read Homer's Iliad and Odyssey in 8th grade. That is a lofty goal, and it is fine to put it off until high school if my plan sounds too challenging. But if you want to align your student with MP classical studies quickly, this is the way to do it. This is actually a good place to start with MP! And you are correct on your language choices.