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    Where to place for spelling?

    Hi, I am thinking to put my daughter in the 3rd grade Moderated core this coming year, but don't think it would be best to have her in Spelling Workout D since we haven't done a lot of formal spelling yet. Is it better to do Traditional Spelling II or Spelling Workout C? Which is more independent, which will bring more phonics instruction?

    SWO D does not really have any overt phonics instruction. The book does ask students to separate words into groups based on how a sound is spelled, but they are relying on students having a working knowledge of phonograms and their spelling. You would be fine to doTraditional Spelling 2. You can always add some bonus words. Also, really let her come up with some good rhyming words to flush out the list when the TM prompts for that activity. After the phonograms and spelling rules are introduced for the week, I presented the in-class activity. This took about 10 minutes together. Then, I started her on the seat-work. At the head of the year, you're explaining and walking the student through it. Toward mid-year, most of the workbook can be done independently. There is 10 minutes of dictation on Thursday, and Friday is the spelling test. I let my child do the spelling practice sheets alone, and she just brought it to me to make sure she had copied the words correctly. You would want the phonics flashcards and Classical Phonics spiral-bound book of word lists if you go w/ TS2.
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