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Literature guide (for a little) question

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    Literature guide (for a little) question

    I have been sitting around this weekend at my mother-in-law’s house trying to ponder ideas for my youngest. He is an early reader so I am trying to balance the reading level and getting too far ahead. He doesn’t mind writing, but he still needs to learn cursive next year. However, he is getting increasingly impatient with reading “easy books” and filling in the guides. Part of my problem is that when we finish more storytime treasures the lines in the student guides get to small for his level of handwriting.

    My question is whether anyone has tried using a composition and sketchbook for the student instead of the student guides. I was visualizing discussing the story with him and using the questions in the guide to create a couple sentence essay that he could copy and illustrate. I thought it might not feel so much like filling in the blanks, would get him the correct line size, and create something to keep at the end of the year. Thoughts? He just turned 6 a couple of weeks ago so he isn’t ready for independent work yet no matter what we select.

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    Absolutely! In fact, in the beginning of MP2, my eldest would copy the answer we came up with together onto the Rod & Staff 1/2-inch lined paper that came with the core. It was a great segue into writing on an open line without a dashed midline. Sometimes I would even write the sentence in good cursive on the lines above and have her copy it below. As her distant-to-near vision (accommodation) improved that year, I started writing the sentences on our whiteboard on the wall. By the second study guide for lit in MP2, she was begging to write *in* the book, so I told her she could so long as she practiced all the helps from NAC, the 3 P's and 3 S's. Even in MP3, I've considered buying HWOT tears midline paper (you can also print versions of it for free if you google) to transition to the open line.

    Don't be afraid to let your advanced reader read good books after school is done. This will keep those phonograms sharp and fluency progressing. It's so important to continue to study more intently a limited number of books that MP knows are age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate for comprehension, vocabulary and mastered phonograms. I let my 1st grader read a lot of the read-alouds and science supplemental readers because she could and comprehended them. But also re-read them yourself so you're exposing your kid to beautiful oral reading.
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      Hey Dorinda!

      I had our 5 year old doing something similar this year. We would go over the questions in the guide, I wrote out the sentences she gave me onto school paper, and then she copied them into the guide. Having the example on three-line paper helped her learn sizing and spacing better. But it allowed her to do the work she was ready to do. I like your idea of using the Comp/sketchbook for that. Sounds like a great compromise!

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