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Using TS approach with Spelling Workout lists?

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    Using TS approach with Spelling Workout lists?

    We were SWO dropouts this past year (6M) but my son still needs it and my daughter will also be starting it in 3A this fall.

    I’m wondering if anyone has used the methods from Traditional Spelling I and II for SWO? I was thinking about doing a couple of weeks of pre-tests, then spending the rest of the year working through only the words that gave trouble, maybe using a DIY version of Traditional Spelling’s approach?

    Has anyone done this? How did it go?
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    Traditional Spelling is so new, I'm not sure anyone has but it is an excellent idea. Incorporating a Say, Spell, Say warm-up to each lesson, taking time to incorporate the colorful words, and adding a dictation the day before final testing would be beneficial.


      Yeah, I'm on the fence about adding the extra workload to what is supposed to be streamlined and quick in the grand scheme of 3A. I have thought about asking her to do colorful letters or making the flashcards with vowel teams and syllabication bullets, but I might not. The stack of sentence strips has been out all week just staring at me. It took 4 nights to do 34 sets of 15 words last summer, and I'm just not sure the flashcards will be all that helpful. We got more traction out of the Andrew Pudewa tips for reviewing spelling (TS' say-spell-say and grouping words with picture stories).

      To be honest, SWO is *very* similar in format. There's a story with the new words, sorting by vowel or consonant teams, the +/- letters word building, fill-in-the-blank sentences. DD said it looked fun.

      I have thought about getting a couple of really large notebook paper style poster boards to at least mount the words to see in the class during the week. I just can't figure out if it'd be better to do it in cursive or print. It's easier to see colored vowel and consonant teams in print, but even the book D word list is all in cursive with an expectation of cursive on the copy sheets.

      Do the 3rd grade classrooms mount the words in cursive or print?
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        The 3rd grade class doesn’t keep their spelling list posted. I don’t see a need for the sentence strips. Just work a colorful words activity into the week’s lesson.

        You are correct in that the programs are similar. That is why we like it so much!


          I don't know anything about TS.

          The first exercise in SWO always has the student writing every word, usually based on its phontic category. For that exercise, you could have them write it in the color code system. You also write each word 2 (or 3?) more times a week outside of the book exercises. You could easily use color coding or dictation there.

          My kids just copy the list into a cheap spiral notebook. Super easy.
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