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First Form Latin?

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    First Form Latin?

    I've been trying to read a little about this new, "soon-to-be-released" Latin course...

    I have 2 Questions:

    1. If my son hasn't mastered everything from LCII and will be in 5th grade, would this be more appropriate for him than Henle?

    2. When will this be out for purchase?

    Thanks for any help!
    Dawn in FL

    First Form Latin


    Brian Lowe


      First, Second, Third, Fourth Form Latin

      I learned about these from LCC by Drew Campbell and I actually ordered the Beta test version of First Form Latin and am awaiting my copy in the mail. Can someone clarify however, if these four Curricula will take the place of Henle I? I am hoping that the Second, Third, and Fourth Form texts don't trail too far behind otherwise I will be confused as to where to pick up in Henle. My 11 year old boys and I have just started Latin with LCI and First Form was highly recommended as a next course by TC at Memoria Press. They say the actual Curriculum will be for sale this summer, but if you want to Beta test it now it is available.