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Where to go from here with 10 yr. old

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    Where to go from here with 10 yr. old

    Hello! I posted over in the Facebook group and got some great ideas, but thought I would ask here too. I would love to hear suggestions on a course of action for my 10 year old son (4th grade currently). This year he used a combination of MP and CLE curriculum. This is where we are right now as we finish up the school year and head into our lighter summer schedule:

    Latin: Latina Christiana, on Lesson 13

    Math: CLE finished up 3rd grade level, on light unit 402.

    LA: CLE. He has completed about ⅔ of the 4th grade material.

    Reading: Completed Cricket in Times Square and Homer Price with MP workbook

    Astronomy: Have not made it very far in MP Astronomy but have slowly worked in workbook

    Greek Myths: Again, have made it through only a few complete lessons

    Writing: About halfway through Writing with Ease 2

    I was thinking of working through the summer on math, astronomy, and Greek Myths. I would love nothing more than to fit him neatly into an MP core, but I don’t think that can happen right now. I am also considering putting him in a class or two of online classes via MPOA. Thanks for any ideas! In case it makes a difference, I also having an upcoming 3rd grader who I think will fit neatly into 3M.
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    I think for one year you would need individual plans, but could move to 5th the following year. LC the 2nd half is completed in 4th grade. Greek Myths, Christian Studies and States and Caps also second half completed. So, your best bet might be 4th for new users. You would need to sub a few Lit guides for the ones you did...maybe Moffats and 21 Balloons or My Side of the Mountain. You would need individual literature plans for that.

    The regular 4th completes second half of LC, Greek Myths, States & Caps, Christian Studies. Astronomy is scheduled in both 4th grade cores (new user and regular 4th)

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      I echo 4FNU but at your pace. It seems the best in my opinion for where you are.
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        Thank you, Christine and Margaret. That seems to be the way to go. I'll just need to substitute math as well as literature.

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