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    Record Keeping / Storage

    I'll start this by saying I'm lucky to live in Texas where they don't require any records or reports from me. However, because I have back up plans to my back up plans, I always have a plan...just in case, you know?

    Anyways. I'm curious how everyone keeps up with their records. Especially when you have multiple cores happening. Going from K -12 for 4 kids...I'm cringing at the idea of storage. What do you guys do?

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    *waves* Fellow Texan here! My advice to you is different than how I used to do things and I have to give pickandgrin credit for my current method. *insert credit being given -here-*

    I print off all of the kids' quizzes and tests and I organize them by subject with tab dividers in a 2- or 3- inch ring binder. When we need a quiz/test, I pull it out, administer, grade, then put it back at the rear of that subject so that the next test we'll need is at the top of each subject. At the end of the year, I shelve these binders and start a fresh one for the next year. This way, I have a record of all of their schoolwork in one spot. If, God forbid, we had a social services case opened OR if, for whatever reason, I'd need to give a record of completed work (say, if we needed to enroll the kids in a bricks-and-mortar school), the entire record is available. Schools and social workers don't need to see workbooks - tests are a very good way to monitor progress.

    As for workboooks, right now I keep the adorable stuff - the littlest one's copybooks and 100 Days of Summer Reading and I keep the Bigs' more interesting books - the Timeline workbook is a keeper, along with insects (my son drew such beautiful renditions of bugs!) and so on. I put them in weather-tight Ziploc storage containers (I get mine at Walmart) and throw them in the attic.

    I don't keep formal attendance or grade records for the two youngest kiddos - mainly because TX doesn't require it. I do grade their work but I do not keep any sort of report card. As long as they have at least a 90% in each subject, they pass to the next at the end of the year. My oldest will be a 9th grader in the fall and I will be keeping grades for her on the HS transcript we've started. It will just be an Excel spreadsheet where I'll enter in her semester grades beside the title/description of each class. As she moves on in high school, I'll be over on the high school boards picking brains about this, but for now, this will work.

    I hope this is helpful !

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      I have a bin that has collected about a 2 years' worth of completed worksheets, tests, stories and artwork for just one kid. It's hard to get rid of it, especially because it's nice to see the progress she's made over a year and then to get to compare the level of work she was capable of to her brother, which can always be surprising in a good way. Sometimes we forget the assignments that our children struggle with in the beginning. I've started putting a few post-it's in the curriculum guides that note where my eldest struggled in case we roll back through it with the youngest...but for now he's in SC, so I'm not sure why I'm doing that.

      I think for 3A, what Mary said is what we'll be doing with tests. There has been so much egregious overreach in the homeschooling world (and world of parents' rights) that you can be none too cautious. In VA, we have to submit standardized test scores every year, so saving tests would just be comforting redundancy.
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        We used to hold a bonfire in our front yard. Now it just all goes in the recycle bin. Seriously. Every bit.

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          I have an office sized filing cabinet. The bottom drawer is for the kids’ papers. During the year, everything goes in their basket- all the artwork, copy work, and any Sunday School papers. At the end of the year, we recycle 99% of it. The few papers that are beautiful or meaningful goes in that year’s file folder. Since we do 4H, I also have a 4H folder to keep track of that stuff. It could work for scouting or other activities where proof of involvement can equal awards or scholarships when they get older. This year I started the binder with tests for the third grader (and love it!) I probably won’t save all of the tests but a few to show progress or the final tests. This allows me to show progress if anybody ever asked, keep the sentimental pieces and show the kids how far they truly have come in the last year or more.

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            Wow. I'm feeling a serious problem coming on. It took me years to finally get rid of carefully organized baby clothes. How do I throw away all of that hard work? I feel bad for throwing away penmanship practice when it's loose leaf. I'm not a hoarder - truly. But the thought of tossing all those filled out workbooks is painful. Listening to you guys, I hope I get to "that day". "That day" is the day when you wake up and you are just okay with letting something pass on.

            I have decided that today is not "that day". I'm going to go find a bin.


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            DS (MP2) - 7/8
            DS (K) - 6
            DD (Adorable distraction) 2 1/2


              Michigan doesn’t require record keeping or reporting. I keep what I would have kept if they were in PS. They don’t keep every paper or workbook the kids complete. If fact, they don’t keep anything beyond the fact the kid attended and grades. As others have said I keep copy books, and cute stuff, but have a fun time dumping workbooks into the recycle bin at the end of the year.

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                I use the large ziploc bags, I think they are 2.5 gallons that I buy at Wal-Mart. I also hate to throw things away, but this gives me a reasonable limit to what I can keep. During the year anything completed goes in a bankers box. At the end of the year we sit down on the floor and sort out everyone's items and decide what must be kept. If it doesn't fit in the bag, it goes to recycling.

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                  It's also totally okay to hoard stuff for a year or two. Put some distance between you. Then, you'll feel far easier pitching stuff, you won't be nearly as sentimental.

                  I keep all finished workbooks and tests. If something has tear out pages...they're pitched upon completion immediately. Then a year later I thin the box of stuff down. A few pages of each workbook are kept and the rest pitched. I imagine this year I whittle that down to a page each.
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                    We put books in the recycle bin as they're completed. I usually wait a few days though so the kids don't feel like all their work was for nought! I save quizzes/tests in pocket folders (which are then overflowing/breaking by the end of the year). I plan to use Jessica/Mary's binder method next year. Especially with two high schoolers' grades to keep track of for transcripts!
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                      Yep. Those assessment binders and the marked up curriculum manual is about all that stays for keeps here. This year I'm planning to burn more than usual because we are hoping to move soon. If you let the kids burn it it does not feel for naught; it can be a reward!

                      I don't always do this at the end of the year, by that time I'm usually too exhausted to sort through everything. I just pack up everything in a box and look at it in a couple years when I have some distance, as Colomama said.
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