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    Order of Lit Guides

    I do not use all Memoria Press, but I am using the third grade literature guides for next school year. I am also going to be doing introduction to composition. I didn't buy lesson plans. We will work through at our pace. I am wondering if we should read the do the literature guides in the same order as they are brought up in introduction to composition? I was just wondering how this was scheduled or meant to be done. If I have asked this before, please forgive me. I have had lot of questions about a lot of things on a lot of different forums.

    If you look at the lists of books for each grade level, they are surprisingly always in the same order as they are scheduled, both the supplemental readers and the novels.
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      The Intro to Comp lessons should line up with 3rd grade lit. Let us know if this isn't happening for you, and we'll get it corrected.