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Catching up in science??

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    Catching up in science??

    We have been using Memoria Press for most of my son's schooling since the beginning. He is getting ready to start 8th grade and I am concerned that we are now behind, as I see many classical forums saying that he should have completed earth science and physical science before moving into high school. He just finished Trees and Biology (which was recommended for 7th grade MP). Any recommendations on which we tackle first and how to best prepare him? I am tending toward Novare than the Tiner.


    We never do Earth Science at HLS. Our students do physical science in 8th, biology in 9th, chemistry in 10th, physics in 11th, and A&P or an AP science in 12th. If you don't want an accelerated path, then you actually have time for Earth science in 8th if you're interested in that course. You would just skip the AP year. You aren't behind at all!



      If you want earth science then i suggest doing that in 8th followed by Novare introductory physics (not physical science) in 9th, bio in 10th, chem in 11th and then either trig physics (for math/science/engineering bound) or A/P (for medical bound) or any college level chemistry or biology in 12th.
      if you don’t mind skipping earth science then follow the path mentioned above- physical science in 8th, bio in 9th, chemistry in 10th, trig physics in 11th, and any college level science in 12th.
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        That's right! That's Cindy Davis' preference also. And the way they do it at HLS Indy.

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          My rising 8th is going to do the Tiner Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy books with the MP plans and then he’ll go on to the Novare Introductory Physics class (with MPOA) in 9th. So far two of my boys have taking the Intro Physics without a formal physical science year and have done perfectly fine. Just another option if you wanted to hold off on a more formal science until high school.

          (For background - my current senior took life science in 8th (not through MP/MPOA), no science in 9th (he’s not a fan of science), and then Intro Physics in 10th with MPOA and I think came out with a high B. My current freshman did a mix of MP science and Charlotte Mason based science in 7th and 8th grades and is currently getting an A (I think ... it’s the end of the school year and my brain is a bit mush) in Intro Physics with MPOA.)

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