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Kindergarten/first grade mix

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    Kindergarten/first grade mix

    My oldest will be turning 5 next month and I wanted to start him on the kindergarten program this fall. He is already reading, he is still sounding out some words, but really picking it up quickly and moving right along. Should I go ahead with the phonics program and just move quickly through it? Does the kindergarten get to really reading or just focusing on letters and sounds, because he is definitely past that. I am just not sure if I should start there and then just go as quickly as he can through it or should I just move straight into the first grade curriculum and just go at a gentle pace. He is young even for kindergarten I think - but he is more than ready academically. Just trying to get thoughts from everyone who have already been there done that. I have three boys - my oldest is almost 5, then i have a 3 year old and a 15 month old...and so excited to be starting homeschooling!

    Kindergarten is definitely more than ABC's. I would just start k...this is an endurance marathon, not a Sprint.

    We always say, it's better to accelerate than skip.

    If you feel pulled to skip grades, pause. Look through the catalog and think, "how old will he be in 3rd grade, 7th, etc". A 6year old reading Little House in the Big Woods and memorizing and spelling Greek gods seems quite a stretch. Not that maybe your kid can't do it; some definitely can, but they're in a statistical minority.

    Run a good solid marathon, but make sure you're not skipping necessary training along the way.
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      I agree that moving quickly through material your young kindergartener knows then slowing for newer material in which he is less confident is a better plan than skipping to a higher level. A reason for this is to ensure there are no gaps which take more time to identify farther along. Even mastered skills need occasional review.


        I remember the excitement of starting real school and the anticipation of the journey ahead. Its hard not to want to speed things along. In fact, when I’ve tried it, it generally blew up in my face because my children prefer to savor their learning. With that in mind, I too would recommend starting at K and working steadily through it. Reading is definitely a major component of the curriculum but there is more to consider. Creating a school routine with littles around, setting the expectations, working on math, writing and enjoying the enrichment are all other important parts of K. Like Colomama said, it’s a marathon.

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          Thanks everybody!! Sound advice It is easy to get overwhelmed and excited and overthink things.


            And honestly, MPs K is advanced. You will have some things that won't need as much repetition, but that will just give you more time for the cool stuff in the enrichment book.
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              For some kids, learning to read is the easiest part. My then-5-yo was an accelerated reader, but I still sent her to Montessori K on time. I was amazed at how much she still struggled with, even though they adapted the reading to her abilities. It's ear-training, listening, following directions, ordering, letter formation and writing, learning all of the vocabulary (not just having familiarity with it), math and number concepts, spacial relationships, familiarity with our world-the science and history readers, community helpers, the ability to tell others about yourself through introspection. It's amazing what Kindergarten actually is, and if you skip over so much of the foundational stuff, it can leave gaps that are almost imperceptible until much later when comprehension isn't at its fullest.
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                I with everyone else - having done the opposite like you are proposing with my last son. It's coming back to bite us both - hard. Now I'm making this year stretch long into next year. I am slowing way way down. We are now only doing school three days a week, finishing only half of the assignment each time, and with me nearly sitting on him directing his work for each and every problem. Basically, I'm making him repeat K but without actually repeating. We are just moving at a snail's pace. I was overzealous. I'm going to get him back on track to the MP program so he doesn't start 1st until 2020 because his maturity lags his ability. He will turn 6 in Sept. Yes he's reading well. Yes, he knows his addition / subtraction facts up to 7. But I refuse to put myself through this battle for the next 12 years. He needed another year for maturity alone.

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                  Thank you all for sharing, the victories and achievements and also the struggles and failures. I love the genuineness of this forum. And I learn here daily.
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