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Introduction to Classical Studies.

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    Introduction to Classical Studies.

    OK - so here's the thing. We would like to use the Introduction to Classical Studies, beginning in the new year.

    We currently have been studying Bible History, and also using Story of the World.

    We're up to Moses' death in our Bible Studies, and are about half-way through book 1 of Story of the World. (Beginning Greece and almost up to Rome).

    So, to use the Classical Studies set, would we drop those and go back to the beginning with the Bible studies, or skip forward in the Golden Children's Bible to where we are up to, or use both programmes?

    Would appreciate some advice here - thanks!

    Linda in Australia.
    :? :?:



    I'll take a stab at answering your question(s) and ask that anyone else jump right in as well.

    The Introduction to Classical Studies Guide covers the following three books to be used for three passages or times through (3 consecutive years): Golden Children's Story Bible, Famous Men of Rome and D'Aulaire's Greek Myths.

    There are also two other guides (sets) available from Memoria for Famous Men of Rome and one for D'Aulaire's Myths. There is a teacher's edition and student edition for each.

    Now, for your options:

    1. Drop everything and begin over with Introduction to Classical Studies (ITCS). Not really what I would do.

    2. Use the ITCS guide to review the stories before the death of Moses and then continue Bible study with ITCS. Finish ancient history with SOTW and wait to begin with ITCS and Famous Men of Rome during your second pass through ancient history. Begin now D'Auliare's Myths (while you are yet in the study of the Greeks) and use the Myth guide.

    3. Proceed with your Bible studies as suggested above and use SOTW for history study until you begin Rome. Switch to ITCS for Famous Men of Rome studies and at the same time begin D'Aulaire's Myths.

    These are just three ways to go. I would suggest you plan on following the suggestion in ITCS to make three passages through the three recommended books. Decide if you would like to do that by staggering the reading of the three books, or if you want to read them all at the same time. The lessons in ITCS are written to cover the three books concurrently, but you can adapt the plans to cover each book separately, or purchase the individual guides.