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7th Grade Science

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    7th Grade Science

    Hello! I am hoping to get some advice on Science placement for my 7th grader. She has just completed CC Challenge A but we are moving away from CC. In the Online Academy I see that there is a Middle School Science class and Physical or Earth Science (We have to hold on Earth Science this year...long story to do with live classes). So for a bright and hard working middle schooler who LOVES science would you recommend the Middle School Science I then II courses (with a variety of topics) or Physical Science? She's never had a formal "science" course. This past year she did in depth study of anatomy, a science fair project, and some research papers (3 paragraphs per topic, so not too deep.

    Well, this depends on a couple things...which is what you plan to do in eighth and beyond, and also how her math pacing is.

    The MPOA physical science class is a great “first formal science” class to get her ready for high school, but if she does it in seventh, you will want some kind of filler in Earth Science something you plan to do then? Otherwise my advice might be to do a middle school science class for 7th, and then do PS in eighth to go right into Physics in 9th.

    But again, it also depends in part on her math. Will she be doing pre-algebra in 7th?

    (A good way to figure out pacing is to look at what you want her to do in 12th, and back down from there - considering both math and science, because success in high school science is directly related to progress in math.)

    This is assuming from your question that you are sticking to MPOA. If you do it at home, you could have some more choices, too, such as to do Nature’s Beautiful Order for a semester, followed by Exploring the World of Biology (to make up a good life science portion) and finish with either Astronomy or Planet Earth, for seventh.

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      Thank you Sarah

      Yes, she will be doing pre-algebra in 7th. I do like the text choices of MP (Novare) and I do see us sticking with them. If she does PS next year I would have her do Earth Science the following, then Biology in 9th which is the track our local high school is on (and which she possibly MAY attend at some point) and later a physics and a chemistry. I guess I am wondering if there is an advantage to doing the Novare ES/PS classes as opposed to Middle School I and II? I do think she would enjoy an AP class later in high school- or possibly a science course at the Jr. College we have within walking distance if she is still at home.


        I don't have any experience with CC, but I can tell you what has worked for my current 7th grader.

        We were science drop-outs, to be honest, in the early years. We did Mammals as a read-aloud before the guides were created. I started Astronomy but never finished it. Did Birds as an independent study. I have no idea what ever happened to Insects. ??

        We finally took up with the MPOA in sixth grade, and it has been WONDERFUL! We did MS Science I in 6th grade (Tiner books -- Medicine, Astronomy and Earth), and this year, MS Science II (Tiner Books Bio, Chem and Physics). My daughter will be doing Physical Science as an 8th grader. She'll be doing pre-algebra next year as well, which the MPOA instructor assures me will be fine. I've done a lot of emailing back and forth between Cindy in Indy and Mrs Peterson, who is Rachel's teacher, to plan out our science path.
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          Thank you Dianna!