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    Originally posted by momgineer View Post

    I have the same guide- 2007 First Edition and it does not have drill questions. I specifically remember missing them (once I discovered they exist in FMOR!). My FMOR and FMOMA has drill questions but my FMOG does not. My FMOMA was published in 2006 and I do t have my FMOR available right now but I’m pretty sure it was bought before I bought the Greece one. So it’s not you, Monica. It’s Tanya! Ya know we luv ya Tanya! I think this just must have accidentally gotten left out in one printing of the FMOG.
    Thanks Debbie, and this TG works fine with the more recent student books?
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      Mea culpa! Had to be an accident. Surely I didn't make it...



        Originally posted by KikaMarie View Post

        Thanks Debbie, and this TG works fine with the more recent student books?
        Well it’s been a year since I used it and I’m pretty sure I used an older student guide because my daughter had done it orally. So
        I’m not sure if it works with the newer student books. If you bought your TG directly from MP and you find it doesn’t work with the new student books, contact MP. They often replace for free Teacher Guides that have been updated. I’ve had them replace a number of literature guides as they updates the vocabulary and tests in them and they always happily do so. One big advantage of purchasing directly through MP!
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