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    History/Classical Studies

    I'm just moving to Memoria Press. My son will be in 6th grade next year. Should I start him on everything 6th grade except composition and Latin? I know to go back to 1 on that but for history/classical studies will he be fine moving forward from 6th grade? Is there a reason to backtrack at all?


    You might also consider backing up to Geography I, just because that covers Europe, and that is where your focus will be in your Middle Ages studies in 6th grade. Also, you might want to consider English Grammar Recitation II unless you feel your student has a really good handle on grammar rules. This is a memorization program, and every level assumes you have mastered a certain number of rules. Other than those changes, you will be good!

    Welcome, and let us know if you have further questions. Our CSRs will be glad to help you build your order if you have any trouble making these adjustments to your core.