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Substituting The Book of the Middle Ages for FMoMA

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    Substituting The Book of the Middle Ages for FMoMA

    I am planning to substitute The Book of The Middle Ages and its guide for Famous Men of the Middle Ages in sixth grade. Can anyone think of any reason why I ought to rethink this? DS isn't doing Latin so he has a little "extra" time in his school schedule, so if it takes a little longer, that's not a problem.

    I haven't read BOMA in a while so I might recommend a quick check for content. It's normally used in 9th without the guide as a historical supplement to the Beowulf lit package.
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      This would be a fine substitution. I wouldn't try it with a student younger than 6th, but I feel like a 6th grader can handle it fine. It is definitely more reading and will be a more challenging course.