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    I’m planning for my son’s 8th grade year. I need wisdom from those who have used FF Greek at home with DVD’s. How difficult is it? Can a self starter keep up with it or will I need to be very involved? Thanks, Courtney
    Joyfully, Courtney
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    First Form Greek at home is totally doable! I love how the program is laid out. My daughter was able to do it very independently. Other than checking her workbook work, I spent about 15 minutes with her 2-3 days a week going over lessons from the teacher guide that really were completely optional (analyzing the saying of the week, for example). We did the program to the letter because we were helping proof it and look for tiny errors. My daughter absolutely loved FFG!
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      Same here. It was a “you are doing this as your choice so you keep up with it” sort of thing. And it worked beautifully that way. Said child is still pursuing Greek two years later!

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        My self-starter did this on his own very well. My next wasn't as committed and it fizzled when Mom couldn't come along behind. I still think it's valuable and will drag it back out when the next kids get to middle school.
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