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OT/Cross-post: Adult Ed, Brittanica's Great Books of the Western World

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    I’m currently working my way through Hillsdale’s free online courses for my adult education. Now I’m going to have to look into this reading plan. I really wish there were more hours in the day! I want to do it all....but I can’t because I have all these little people who expect to be fed and educated

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      Originally posted by Emilylovesbooks View Post
      Two years ago I read the beginning volume, The Great Conversation, and was convinced that I should begin the ten-year reading plan. I even wrote down the list for Year 1! Our library has the set, and they have been rarely used, so I have easy access to the whole set. I never did start. You have motivated me to take a stab at beginning again!
      I never thought to check the library website...what was I thinking??? I just checked and they have the entire set available for checkout...sort of a try it before you buy it :-). The set I liked on eBay didn’t take my offer, maybe I will be willing to raise it once I check it out in person. Thanks for the reminder to check the library.

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        Awesome, Emily! And great idea on try-before-buy, Dorinda. That's exactly what I did with my used book store mismatched set. Reading the address to the reader in volume 1 is very inspiring. It's only about 80 pages.
        Sarah, I love Hilldsale's courses and have watched a few but never committed to going fully through class. Good for you!
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