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    Ancient Greece Curriculum


    My soon to be eight grader is interested in studying ancient Greece for history. Are the 2 courses Book off Ancient Greece and Men of Ancient Greece just 2 options we have or do they go together or is one recommended over the other? We are a self paced homeschool family of 4 children and our older ones, Junior High and up, generally require minimum oversight. Is this curriculum set up for self teaching? Or with minimal parent teaching?

    thank you in advance

    They are two courses. Famous Men is usually done in 6th or 7th but as early as 4th. Book of Ancient Greece is slightly more advanced and is usually done in 7th or 8th after having done Famous Men and the same year as reading Homer (after having read Trojan War the year before). They are pretty self teaching. It helps to go over each lesson together and discuss but it is not necessary.
    One option for an older student like 8th is to do both. Use Book of Ancient Greece as the main book but read the Famous Men chapters that coordinate at the same time. Only do the guide for Ancient Greece. Adding in a study of Homer is a great complement to studying Ancient Greece. If you haven’t don’t Greek Myths yet, that is a must too! An 8th grader could do Greek Myths one semester and Ancient Greeks the next semester.
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