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    So I have been homeschooling for 6 years now-- I have always been a proponent of the classical method, and have used WTM ideas and curriculum, mixed in with more traditional books. Basically I have been all over the place and the classical method has gotten lost somewhere along the way. This year I switched to First Form Latin and added in Grammar Recitation, and I am now starting to see the value and really the overall purpose of MP's sequence, method, whatever you call it... I have always been quite history-centered in my views, and it will be hard to adjust that in my head, but I am willing. I also have three kids I'm working with right now (plus a toddler) and tend to lean toward curriculum that is more independent for them so I don't have to be so hands-on. I also love to combine them where possible, and I am seeing that is not always beneficial in MP curriculum. I am starting to see that my kids are really not retaining as much information as they could be. So, long story short, I am really leaning toward switching to MP for a core for everything next year. I just don't know how that will look as I still have several subjects I have grown to love and I'm not sure I want to change.
    So here's what I am trying to figure out:

    My oldest will be 6th grade:
    LATIN & GRAMMAR: Already using MP for this-- we will continue with FF through next year & start 2nd Form when she finishes. Same with GR.
    WRITING: This is something we have been all over the place in. We have done some IEW stuff, some Classical Writing, so I feel like she will breeze through CC Fable, but do I still need to start her there?

    My 2nd will be 4th grade:
    LATIN & GRAMMAR: I already plan to start him in LC.
    WRITING: This is definitely his weakness! He has horrible handwriting, but enjoys making up stories as long as he doesn't have to follow a lot of "rules" (his words). I think he would do okay starting in CC Fable but we may have to take it slow...

    CLASSICAL STUDIES: This is where I have no idea where to start? Just follow the core and put 6th grader in Famous Men of Middle Ages, with 4th grader doing D'Aulaires? Or both together somewhere in the middle?

    CHRISTIAN STUDIES: Same thing? Should we start at the beginning with Christian Studies 1 for both of them together? That would put us finishing in 8th grade for my older daughter...

    SCIENCE: I still love Answers in Genesis curriculum and was planning to do something of that next year, but I'm willing to do an MP one if there is one that would be beneficial to both of them together.

    My 3rd child will be in 1st grade, but is not reading yet so she is a whole other subject-- I think she would fit in SC Level 1 but it is so much stuff to buy ! Talk me into it...

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    I will speak to what I know. We are huge AIG fans here. My daughter is very sensitive to science texts and read alouds that mention evolution and old-earth dates. It doesn't phase me, but it has definitely had me looking over her science curriculum for the future. MP is great with Tiner books up through...7th? I looked through and read select chapters of Tiner texts and was so pleased by the approach. They are right up the alley of Apologia and Master Books. I have a few MB/AIG earth, weather, and Astronomy texts, but there's too little my 2nd grader understands. You will totally appreciate the Tiner science books (Birds/History of Medicine for 6M). We're doing Astronomy next year, and I got to attend an overview on it by Leigh Lowe. Her explanation of the science MP chooses was so beautiful and awe-inspiring. The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. The goal of the younger grades is to have the child look up and see God (Astronomy), look around and see God (Birds), and look down and see God (Insects). And Astronomy is part of the Quadrivium. The Quadrivium is Arithmetic (theory of discreet number), Geometry (theory of continuous number-quantity in extension), Astronomy (the application of geometry) and Music (the application of discreet number). It's so thoughtfully placed in the curriculum.

    I would begin with Greek Myths for the 4th grader, Christian Studies 1 for both, and do as much of the core for each child's grade. If your 6th grader sits in on Greek Myths even as the once a week read-aloud, that should be sufficient. Also, you could just read D'aulaire over the summer to bring the eldest up to speed.

    Come visit us over in the Special Needs forum. My son is rolling into SC C soon. I bet SC1 is a good fit, but definitely do the assessment and give Cheryl a clearer picture over there of what's working vs what needs fine tuning
    Mama of 2, teacher of 3 (Fourth Form Latin & Ref/Con)
    SY 23/24
    7A w/ First Form Greek

    Completed MPK, MP1*, MP2*, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A
    SC B, SC C, SC1 (Phonics/Math)