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    Switching from CC to MP

    Hey! We will be switching from CC to MP next year. This is my second year of homeschooling. I have 4 that will be in 8th grade next year. They have completed 1 year of IEW in their CC Essential class. This year they have done Lost Tools of Writing in the Challenge A class. My question is where do we start with composition? Is anyone familiar with IEW and Lost Tools of Writing that can help me? I don't want to repeat anything they have already done but don't want them to miss anything either. I have searched the forum topics but can't find anything on this specific issue. Thanks!

    You have 4 all going into 8th grade! Wow! Have you considered doing an advanced sequence next year and possible covering up to three levels in the first year? There are already plans for Fable/Narrative in one year but you could move on to Chreia/Maxim in the spring of everyone was knocking it out of the park. I think doing it quickly is actually hardest for the adult teaching because each level requires some adjustment of thinking: What is the purpose and form of this new level? How do we work through lessons? Who needs extra support? What does a good finished product look like? Etc. If you are going it alone, then DVDs are very helpful especially for the first few lessons of each level. The work looks easy but it's plenty challenging, even in the first few levels. Even good writers can grow a lot in those first few levels!
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      Originally posted by Sahm25 View Post
      I have 4 that will be in 8th grade next year.
      I'm amazed!

      Pax et bonum,

      We are a Catholic military family, and find homeschooling fits with our transient lifestyle so well! I am happy to have found Memoria Press after trying many different things.
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