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Introduce multiplication in MP2 on time?

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    Introduce multiplication in MP2 on time?

    We're so close to the finish line. We're on Lesson 127 in R&S Arithmetic 2. I got out the "multiplication key" and filled it out, but the note said to only introduce multiplication if she can do 35 flashcards in 30 seconds. Seriously? I'm not sure I can flip that many flashcards with my cumbersome deck at that rate. My 2nd grader is getting 100% on most of the speed drills in the workbook, but that is only 28-ish problems in 60 seconds, nowhere near more than one problem per second. In fact, in the last 2 weeks we've been cutting our day short to get outside in the sunshine, skipping flashcards. In these 2 short weeks, I've noticed she's struggling again with rapid recall of her higher digit fact families. She especially hems and haws over the 13s/14s/15s when intermixed, but she's great when they stay within their families. So, if I prompt 14-8, 7+7, 14-9, 14-6, 14-5, 6+8, etc...she'll get those instantly. Once I move out of a family and bounce around, she'll get many more wrong or take 6x as long to answer. Should I delay the multiplication facts or put them aside altogether? It's only the 2s, and frankly she knows these already as addition doubles (save for 2x11 and 2x12). I'm on the fence. I'd like her to get multiplication going, as we have to do standardized testing in our state in order to not get put on probation. However, if 35 facts in 30 seconds is the goal, should I work like crazy over the summer to get there so we can start fresh in the fall?
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    Flipping Flashcards that fast is not feasible. Try laying them flat on a table and just have her go down the rows answering orally. (This will require you being able to check as fast as she answers!)

    Since it is just the twos, and you’re correct with all the skip-counting practice it should be easy, I’d say use your judgement on if she’s ready to begin multiplication. Either way, continue to work on speed with those mixed, more challenging facts. A steady pace at these is better than working like crazy over the summer since the flowers will be in bloom, the birds singing, neighborhood playmates much to distract!


      The pool will be open...
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        That is what would be on my mind!


          We still “school” in the summer! There is plenty of time for the pool (it does not even open until 1pm). Also, it stays light until nearly 10pm, so getting to bed early is a challenge! “Summer school” is reduced dramatically, but we usually do it from 9-11 or so. We even have friends come over sometimes and I send the children I am not working with out to play. They tag team their siblings. I found this actually reduces squabbles! There are days we have “field trips”and we do not worry about school that day. One summer I watched our neighbors (who go to school) and even their mother sent Spelling, math and a writing prompt everyday!).

          Also, if you are not making use of the black lines, pull those out! I use this as a measuring stick. Once a page can be completed in 5 min, we move on! If you do just 1 a day in the summer, it will help that “summer slump” will not take long and it is good practice!

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            I would take the hint that you need to keep up on the flash cards (which is so hard - I know!) but then also keep going and add in the multiplication as the lessons suggest. I must have missed that “only introduce if...” rule because I have never heard of it and I don’t use that benchmark. You know your child. If she starts to seem like she’s struggling, by all means, pull back. But to me it sounds like you guys are in solid shape.

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