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Illiad/Odyssey at home or through MPOA?

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    Illiad/Odyssey at home or through MPOA?

    Hi All,

    I'm on the fence about whether to attempt The Illiad and Odyssey at home next year with my 8th grade boy or to put him the Classical Studies I course at MPOA. I've been going back and forth since early February and now it's decision time because Early Registration ends this week! This is our first year with MP and we're doing full cores with 4NU, 7th and 8th. It's been a great year but I've definitely struggled to keep up the discussion aspect with all three kids. I would say it's the weakest part of our homeschool and I don't see that changing too much next year, especially with such meaty texts on the horizon. I want him to have a full experience with these texts. I know there are DVDs but I'm wondering if a group discussion really enhances these books in particular.

    Good morning!

    My dd14 will be taking CS I (Iliad + Odyssey) online through the MPOA next year. I really wanted to teach this, as those are such meaty, wonderful books to read and discuss together. That being said, I'll also be teaching 7M and 2nd grade, as well. My biggest fear is that I would not be able to devote the proper time and attention that these tomes really need/deserve. Additionally, my daughter, who is currently taking a literature class with Mrs. Dewberry through the MPOA, really enjoys the class discussion. She said it's so interesting to not only hear a teacher's take, but also to consider ideas brought by other thoughtful students her age.

    I should add the caveat that she will be in the diploma program next year and will be taking most of her classes through the MPOA; however, this one was one I had considered teaching myself just because, selfishly, I really wanted to be the first to introduce her to the beauty of Homer. In fairness to myself, I *did* read Black Ships Before Troy and In Search of a Homeland aloud to my kids...but it's just not the same. *weary laugh*

    This was the decision we made regarding this class. I sincerely hope our reasoning is of some help to you!

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      We have done those texts at home twice now, and next year will be my third time. Each time through has been different because my kids are so different. The first time felt neat, orderly, we really were on top of it and it went great. But that was my child who is calm, orderly, and very regular about coming to me to do our work together. Second time through was with my one who drags his feet with Literature, is not as good about coming to me on a regular schedule, and is quite a bit more argumentative (I hesitate to say deeper thinker, because that’s not it - just a stronger questioner than my firstborn).

      I would say say first time through, we learned a ton and found a lot to appreciate, while second time through we really ended up with viewpoints because of more questioning rather than simply appreciating. My point here is: BOTH experiences were great! They were so fun to do with each child because of seeing each one interact with the texts in their own ways. And I actually learned a lot about my kids in the process - which i treasure.

      I think you cant go wrong here at all - either MPOA will be great, or going it alone will be too. There’s no way you can hit a lower bar than what we did, and yet we still read them, we still wrestled with them, and he still came away with a memorable experience of having done them. Just don’t make a decision out of fear that you “can’t do them justice.” That is what the guides are for. Treat it as something you are learning, instead of acting like you know it all, and it wi be great!

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        My kiddos aren't there yet, but I do own the set and have been working through as a Classical Enrichment for myself. My thought of now is a financial one. If money were no object, I would do MPOA, however, with us as it is, (and with more children in a line) the DVD sets are the best option. They are created well and I have found using other classical friends, Goodreads groups, and my own siblings that I have been able to find outlets for deep discussion .
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          Thank you for your responses - they were helpful and encouraging!