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    grade level question

    I see that for instance the literature guides for grade 3 says they are for grades 3-4. My son will be a 3rd grader according to the public schools in the fall, but if he had been born 21 hours later he would be considered a 2nd grader by the public schools. He will be 7 2 full months of his third grade year. I am wondering since the literature is for grades 3-4 if maybe he shouldn't be working a grade behind? He is quite capable, but I just don't want to push him too hard either. Thoughts on this?

    Despite the workbook look of the Lit guides, the student does VERY little work on his own until 5th grade. You'll be buddy reading with him, helping him compose good sentences to answer the questions, and going over the vocab words.

    I'd look at the books themselves and decide based on that. My daughter will be 7 when she starts 3M too and doesn't turn 8 until October. But she's ready for it.

    Another rule of thumb for choosing the right core level is to choose the one that fits the lowest 'R'. Is his reading writing and math at an upcoming third grade level? Writing seems to hold the most weight for this, whereas math can be easily subtitled without affecting the other subjects.
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        MP2 is a fabulous curriculum for even a gifted 8 year old. I have kept my eldest at her age-appropriate public school cut off grade, and I don't regret it in the least. I seriously wanted to send her ahead. My child will be 9 by Christmas for her 3rd grade year this fall. Now that I've read through the teacher's manuals & materials, I'm so glad we started with MP2. It's a great intro to Latin, the Lit guides, the memory work and flow. Then, he can do 3A the next year, and he can knock out 3rd and 4th at a one-year pace. Thinking forward, you may not want an 8 yo going into 4th grade due to the way it sets you up for the Forms in Latin and Classical Studies/Science/CS that are done with ease once certain parts of the brain have developed.

        Especially with boys, I see the fruit of keeping them in their age-appropriate grade level. MP2 has been such great fun for my 2nd grader!
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