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OT: Happy February observation

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  • OT: Happy February observation

    background: my high school daughter swims almost every morning. She isn’t a swim star, but she likes getting up early and getting her workout in before breakfast. My husband drops her off at 5:30 and I pick her up at 7:00.

    the observation: this morning as I turned out of my subdivision I looked east to check the traffic and saw pink clouds on the horizon from the SUN I was so excited since it has been pitch black out all winter. As I was leaving the school parking lot I saw the HUGE full moon. The whole picture...fluffy snow, full moon, and a sunrise was beautiful. I contend that February can be one of the toughest months, but things are looking up!

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    We've noticed that it's a little lighter at 6pm now when we eat dinner and that the sun is a little further north during the afternoon. For me, the light, or lack thereof, makes more of a difference for me than temperature. January and February are tough months for me - but the increasing light is giving me hope!
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      For me, I have relished the crispness of the sky on a frigid day. There is something about the way the sun shines through such cold air - it’s something I have missed for many, many years of living in warmer temps. Last year at this time we were steeped in the muddy waters of a soggy Mississippi Feb, and now we have the crisp sun of frozen Midwest winter. It is so nice to be “home” again!

      Thanks for posting, Dorinda! Happy to hear of others making their way through the winter doldrums, too!

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        We've had a bizarrely warm winter. The kids were out riding bikes in 75 degree weather for a couple of days, and now it's 38 degrees again. My eldest keeps pining for our evening walks, bit I'm such a cold weather sissy when it's dark. If I have to be miserable, at least don't let me get hit by a car.

        Thanks for sharing your awe and wonder at God's beautiful creation in February. The cherry blossoms are in bloom here, so it's definitely a nice month in the southeast.
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          This week's first grade poem:

          "The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
          If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"
          -Percy Bysshe Shelley

          Daffodils on the dinner table here!
          Festina lentē,
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