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Second Form Latin Final

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    Second Form Latin Final

    How much time do you give to complete the second form Latin Final? If given in a classroom setting, is it given over multiple days or with breaks in the test? Last year, my when my son took the First Form Final the length of it seemed a daunting task to him (as time management is a skill we are working to improve). So trying to think about for the Second Form test that is 12 pages. - what is the best way to administer? What advice/ experience do you have on this? What are age appropriate expectations? Thank you


    I taught SFL one time, and I split the exam over two days - with doughnuts the second day to celebrate this great accomplishment of finishing a massive exam. I tried to treat it like a rite of passage, and the students really responded to that. I'm not sure I could get that kind of energy at home though. It's a little harder to make a test seem like a party atmosphere one on one, isn't it?



      My son took this exam last week. Poor kiddo, I didn't think to break it up over two days. I think his brain was fried by the time he got to the translation sentences at the very end and just skipped a couple of them.
      All in all, it went very well, but I'll definitely break it up for kid #2!

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        I took the second form Latin pre-conference class at the teacher training a couple of years ago. The lady leading the class taught at HLS and said her class does not complete the entire final as written. It really is crazy long.

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