I have 3 kids in back to back grades - K(DS5),1st (DS6 nearly 7), and 2nd(DS8). All boys are about 16-17 months apart. I am new to MP this year. When I selected it last summer, I spoke on the phone at length with a MP Rep. I was horrified that I would have to do 3 sets of RA and enrichments at the same time! On his advice, I selected one year (1st) and am doing that enrichment for all three kids at the same time. Here we are halfway in, and here is what I'm seeing and I have a few questions.

My 5 yr old doesn't pay much attention to the read aloud stuff / enrichment stuff. He looks at it or listens for a couple of minutes and then we have the wiggles, giggles, squeals, and whatever else crosses his mind in that moment. Since he's barely taking the time out of his busy schedule of play to realize that Mom is reading this out loud on purpose for his benefit....I'm thinking of just repeating these books for him next year in his 1st grade year. He's doing fantastic in his phonics, and I have him doing the R&S1. All of these are working well. His maturity is lacking though. It's understandable as he is a Sept birthday so I'm technically asking a lot of him. Does it make sense to just re-do the exact same books for first grade to see if something sticks? Or get a whole new set of the K enrichment and read aloud books? I'm leaning towards just repeating the 1st grade level of enrichment. A few of them he really liked (A Visitor for Bear) And that way I'm on perfect track to continue. Any thoughts? (Side note: At some point, I'll be getting the K group too, because we had a surprise baby girl. She's only 2 now, so I have a few years before I'm doing...4 cores. Sheesh. That's a problem for another day. )

Since I've done the 1st grade enrichment and RA books, what do I do with my 2nd grader for next year when he heads into 3rd? Just skip over those books and head into 3rd grade RA and Enrichment? Honestly, there is so much to the enrichment books that it seems more like curriculum rather than a nice add-on and I hate to miss out. He's a great "reader" sort of...he has a natural ability to decode the written word, but he has trouble with comprehending what he's read. He is kind of a spectrum-y kiddo but not exactly. He's hyperlexic which is a crazy word that describes a weird ability to read freakishly early, but compounded with an astounding problem of learning how to speak and understand the spoken word. Honestly, if I were to describe his first language, it would be the written word, with his second language being the spoken word. I've had to teach him verbal language the same way you would teach a foreign language. He's progressing beautifully and I'm not going to lie...I'm kind of a proud Mama. He's one of those that "recovers" from early traits that look like autism but I doubt he will ever fully be comfortable with the casual spoken word. He's a fascinating study actually, but he can make a Mama scratch her head trying to figure a way to making sure we are where we should be. I've had to conduct experiments with reading comprehension. I have to know whether he can't understand the passage, can't understand the question, or just can't formulate the answer even if he knows the answer. Anyways, I love the Lit guides by the way. It was a very slow start with Prairie School, and we are moving more slowly than the TM prescribes, but we will be finished by year's end (I have a lot of extra calendar days booked). So....shove on the 3rd enrichment and RA? Skip 2nd grade?

Finally...there's the middle guy. He's amazing. If God ever gave a gift to his hyperlexic brother, it was this little guy. I kid you not, he's a verbal comprehension savant. Older kiddo get's to practice language with his younger brother without the stigma with being a slower verbal learner. This little guy is doing the 2nd grade math in 1st. His brother is good at math, but this guy is more than a little competitive and forces himself to be as good or better. He's not happy unless he earns an A+ when I check his math. He understands everything I read. He's studious. He is a self starter. I have to slow him down from answering all of the morning recitation questions before his brothers can think about it. Although he complains, he can fill in the Lit guides nearly by himself. It's almost like he's not challenged enough. I'm giving cautious but serious thought to bumping him ever so gently to the same level as his older brother. We are covering the literature for 1st a little fast actually and I may be able to finish both 1st and 2nd grade Lit before the new term in the fall. That could help me tremendously because I could give more focus to 2 cores rather than 3. I'm sort of doing that now. The only real difference is that his phonics is a lower level. But looking ahead, I think he might take more away from the Grammar Recitation of 3rd than moving at the pace he's at. If I could combine 2 grades...that would make things much easier because the older two would pull each other along. They like to compete a bit. Older is more motivated, and younger gets more challenge. I realize that 3rd grade is a game changer, and it could be a lot to ask for a 7 year old. I've read that 100 times on this forum if I've read it once. It may be a crazy notion though. Seems like it would help with the literature and reading if I had 2 kids on the same page. They could take turns reading with me moderating.

So..I'm leaning towards repeating 1st grade enrichment and RA for youngest and that way we are moving as prescribed in the TM. Then, starting 3rd cores as written for the older 2.

Any thoughts?