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    One more note about the MP3 read alouds is that yes, you can treat them as audibles for car time or laundry folding time or whatever group mindless task you want to do together. Also, to cut down on our multiple cores next year, we're doing all of the American History and most of the 3rd grade novels over the summer. Since there are NO guides to go with the read alouds, I figure what they really want is a "cultural awareness" and a base on which to draw character types. So often you'll hear the MP staff mention in literature that you are pointing out character types (heroes hidden in youth, the pessimist/nay-sayer, the hero, etc). We're attacking those novels as fun evening time over the summer. We've already read a few of the American history read alouds because they're short, easy, and interesting. My daughter even re-read the Laura Ingalls Wilder biography by herself in 2 days. She loves it so much. If you can find them at the library or on thriftbooks...they're not even that expensive when you get the package price from Memoria Press...they will add to and enrich your study. They're just not necessary.
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