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    More Reading Fluency Practice?

    I just finished the Primary Phonics 5 (Pink) series with my group of first graders. I used the Phonics for Reading lessons from the (now out of print) Phonics for Reading & Spelling book. I have to say, it was wonderful to have the corresponding phonics flashcards, Classical Phonics pages, and common words all laid out for me to pre-teach before reading. What a time saver! We are headed into Storytime Treasures now. However, while I'm excited to start incorporating other elements of literature study with ST, I feel like my group still needs more practice with daily oral reading for decoding and fluency than ST provides.

    I'd like to continue with a read-together book each day, in addition to the selection from ST treasures. I'm wondering, does MP have any more series like Primary Phonics that has the pre-reading phonics word done for me? I see that you sell the ALS series of readers, and only the first three are used for Kindergarten. Would the last three be appropriate? I also see several readers series that will be available for pre-order. Will these come with a teacher's guide for phonics instruction? Any other suggestions?

    Thank you!

    I like those last 3 books in the ALS series! You could probably get all of the last three and mix them up. I mean, read 1-2 stories from “At the Farm” (controlled vowels), At the Seaside p, etc in one sitting. This was done in MPK with “Soft and White” and Scamp and Tramp so the kids have to go between the different sounds. Or, you could just work in order? At the Farm is scheduled in Simply Classical 2 and the other two are scheduled in Simply Classical 3.
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      We do have those last three ALS readers in our classrooms for students who need reinforcement through phonetic readers. We also have the EPS Primary Phonics readers, but those are quite expensive so ALS would be your cheapest route.