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    Finishing some subjects early

    Hello, I'm doing 4M this year with my 10 and 11 (almost 12) -year-old. Because we did the second half of CSI and Greek Myths at a one-year pace this year, and because we picked up the EGI pace since it was primarily review for them - we will be finished with these three subjects by the end of March or earlier. The reason we are so off in timing is because this is our first year with a full core, although I started some third grade material last year. And I put the boys slightly behind their grade level this year because I want to work through the MP materials that build on each other.

    I ordered 21 Balloons to continue our spring literature, but I'm wondering what I should do with the extra time. A part of me is tempted to start EGRII, FMR, and CSII and just keep working, but I like the idea of keeping as close to the whole core as possible. I don't want to miss anything or skip anything or rush anything, but I do want to be working at an engaging pace with materials that fit them developmentally.

    If my boys were younger, I wouldn't even be thinking of this, I would just find other MP curriculum pieces I haven't used yet and fill in that way. However, since they are at older ages doing these grades and the younger one could easily be in the Accelerated track, I am wondering about keeping up the momentum so that they are getting the materials that appeal to them developmentally. One option is to go back over the material of CSI and Greek Myths from last year since we weren't yet using the guides fully, but I do think they need to move forward, especially my older son, who has such pressing questions and opinions about how people should conduct themselves. He is forever incensed by the carrying-ons of the Greek gods and incredulous that anyone would ever think these stories depict how a Divine Being would conduct itself. Of course that is good place for our discussions on how Jesus really is the Good News. I'm thinking that delving into Roman heroes would be good for him and I'm wondering what others have experienced in these situations.

    Also, we're only just starting CC Fable this coming week, so that could be enough to getting on with. Now that I think it over, it may be enough to just finish strong and get a could system going with CC and spend any extra time in review of what we've done and solidifying their knowledge and understanding.

    I know these sorts of questions get asked repeatedly and I did search to see what I could find, but I'm putting it out there for insights anyway.

    Thank you!
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    I think it depends on how comfortable you are with working out of multiple cores, and what your summer plans look like .

    Many people get a little twitchy about working with multiple cores, but we've been doing it so long in my house, that it's old hat.

    One thing to consider is that MP strives for mastery versus completion. (go watch the Sodalitas video from Leigh Lowe called "Have we started yet?")

    If you feel like you've covered GM, CS I, and EGR well, I'd vote moving on to FMOR, etc. For me, personally, that would help TREMENDOUSLY with consistency .(an area where I struggle mightily)
    Plans for 2020-21

    Year 10 of homeschooling with MP

    DD1 - 25 - Small Business owner with a STOREFRONT
    DD2 - 14 - 9th grade - HLS Cottage School/MPOA - equestrian
    DS3 - 12 - 5A Cottage School - soccer
    DS4 - 12 - 5A Cottage School -soccer
    DD5 - 8 - 3A, Cottage School -equestrian and Irish dance
    DS6 - 6 - MP K - home with Momma


      Thank you, Dianna. A mixed-up core would probably be fine with me since I only have the two and they work at difference math and spelling anyway. I think they are mastering the material, but maybe I could redo the first half of those books. I don't want to lose the good habits we are still developing regarding writing each day, so I want to use our extra time well. Perhaps I could make sure there are no gaps by filling in parts of the book from the first half and read FMR aloud so they get the stories and we can talk about them, but not deal with them as a subject until next year. I will rewatch Leigh Lowe. I remember that one being very encouraging.


        Another question about starting up 5th grade this spring - We're using LCI from the previous edition - the edition that had LCII as well. I'm wondering if it's necessary to complete this LCI book before moving to FFL. We're at Lesson XVII and the upcoming grammar lessons are Future tense endings, 1st and 2nd conjugations (3 lessons), Imperfect tense endings, 1st and 2nd conjugations( 3 lessons), and declensions of 1st and 2nd personal pronouns (2 lessons). My sons will be about 10.5 and 12 this spring when we're ready for the next steps of FFR, EGRII, and CSII - I'm just wondering if we could move along in Latin as well. This is my first time with Latin, so I have nothing to compare, but I find that my boys do have good retention for the vocabulary and the grammar and respond well to the oral drills.
        Thank you for any insights you may be able to share!


          FFL is considered an entry level also. Everything in LCI is covered in FFL, just faster. They should be fine to start when you start the rest of your subjects.

          R- DS, 10, 4NU