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Should I "catch up" my rising 7th grader?

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  • KikaMarie
    No insights here, but I'm in a similar situation with my almost 12-year-old and looking forward to reading what others have to say.

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  • TheAttachedMama
    started a topic Should I "catch up" my rising 7th grader?

    Should I "catch up" my rising 7th grader?

    As many might remember, we started our MP journey a little later. So, as it stands now, my current 6th grader is doing a slightly modified version of the 5th grade moderated core this year.

    Here is his line up for 6th grade:

    Latin/Greek: First Form Latin with Lingua Angelica + Greek Alphabet
    Math: Art of Problem Solving Pre-Algebra and MathCounts competitions
    Lit: Heidi, Lion Witch Wardrobe, Lassie and Poetry for Grammar Stage
    Classical and Christian: Famous Men of Rome and Christian Studies II
    Language Arts: IEW Ancient History Theme Program + Fix-It book 2 + English Grammar Recitation 2 + Spelling Plus + Typing + Speech Team
    Science: Kolbe Physical Science (portions) + R.S.O. Biology Level II (focusing mostly on microbiology and genetics) (Labs include weekly microscope labs and one frog dissection)
    Modern: Geography I with States and Capitals Review


    I am trying to plan out the rest of his Middle School that way I know what to order for next year.
    My son loves math and science. So I will probably add in more advanced math & science into the core. He will probably be through Algebra II by the end of 7th and starting Geometry in 8th.. (Keep that in mind when making recommendations.) But I am not sure what to do for Lit, Classical/Christian/Modern Studies. Do we go through these at a slightly quicker pace so he can be on the standard MP track? Or just do the next thing in the core packages?

    Option A: Order the 6th Grade Core package for use in 7th grade. Then just add in more math and science. That means we will always be a year behind in our studies.

    Option B: Order the 7th Grade Core package for use in 7th grade, keeping him a year behind in Latin and a bit ahead in math and science.
    (Essentially skipping Famous Men of Middle Ages or reading in in the summer and Skipping Christian Studies III and doing an overview instead in IV)

    Option C: Go through portions of the 6th and 7th-grade core next year, so he could use the standard 8th-grade core in 8th. (Except for Latin. He is where he is in Latin and will just work through at a pace where he can master the material.)
    Classical: Squeeze Famous Men of Middle Ages and Famous Men of Greece into 7th grade. That way he can do Book of the Ancient World, Ancient Greeks and Illiad and Odyssey in 8th
    Christian: Squeeze Christian Studies III & IV -OR- just do IV in 7th grade?
    Lit: Pick and Choose a few selections from the 6th and 7th Grade lit packages for 7th grade. -or- Read them all at a slightly accelerated pace
    Modern Studies: Geography II + Geography I review + American History??
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