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Should I "catch up" my rising 7th grader?

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    The whole transcript bit with regard to middle school courses is so confusing. There is SO much conflicting information out there. My daughter took algebra 1 at home, 3rd and 4th form with MPOA, and Greek 1 with Lukeion all in 7/8th grade. All of these subjects she plans to take for 4 years in high school so she doesn’t really “need” the credit, but algebra I was thinking to mention in the comments box. Honestly, her grades were A’s, so I don’t care if they count, but I was trying to be conservative. Part of the problem is FastTranscripts that HSLDA sells (?) and Hillsdale recommends for homeschool candidates doesn’t even provide a spot for 8th grade credit to be worked into the calculation as far as I can tell without having purchased it.
    Hi Dorinda,

    Again, the 9-12 forum might generate more convo on this topic since you are essentially asking about the final high school transcript more so than 7th/8th grade courses.

    My own observation is that using pre-packaged software doesn't allow for any but the most basic template. Competitive students who will have taken high school classes in middle school might not be the best candidates for that type of product. Ironically, it is those students who will be gunning for top colleges and competitive spots, so they really do need to show the work they have completed.

    DoD schools show the middle school credits at the top of the page. You could probably use the Remarks box if you use software that doesn't allow for high school credits earned in middle school to be shown anywhere else on the page.

    Another thought here is this: top schools will re-calculate a student's high school GPA themselves anyway to normalize for the grade weighting that some high schools use. So, in the end, if you "show it all" to a competitive college, your student will receive the best outcome either way.

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      Have you called MP to talk to someone there? When I was placing my children last year I ended up doing that and between the conversation and the ordering spent over 2 hours on the phone with the most patient person! I also felt more confident in my choices since I felt I had all the information I could get after asking for advice from the forum as well.