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    Sample Work?

    So, this might be an impossible question, but are there examples of what specific grade level answers "should" look like? We are new to homeschooling this year, and I wonder (all the time!) if I'm expecting too much comprehension, etc., out of my third grader. For example, in Greek Myths he understands and can answer all the questions but I'm curious what a typical third grade written answer looks like. Surely, it's different than the answer in the Teacher's Guide which has to be geared for grades 3-6? I'm using Greek Myths as an example, but it would be really helpful, at least for me, across all the subjects.


    We definitely don't want your 3rd grader to have to write the answer in the Teacher Guide. That is a thorough answer for the teacher. You are right to suppose that the answer your student writes should be his own words. What we are looking for is a complete sentence answer (part of this exercise is mastering a good sentence) that is concise but answers the question thoroughly. If your student can do that in 3 words, that is fine. Also, you won't have time to answer all the questions with this kind of attention, and that is okay. Just make sure you get the ones that are on the tests. If the question requires a list, it is fine to make the list without a complete sentence. And if, for the sake of time, you need to answer some questions with just a word or two, that is fine too. So feel free to switch it up, but take the time to answer a few questions in a thorough manner so that you continue to work on the skill of finding an answer in a book and being able to put that answer into a complete sentence on paper.

    Maybe someone will post an example of their student's work for you here. I don't have any student work at the Press.



      Tanya's points are spot-on (of course!!) but if you feel you still need some answer-specific feedback: we don't have the student guide from Greek Myths anymore, but if you'd like to post a sample answer from your son we could all help you gauge if it's normal for a third grader. If you'd rather not post it publicly, feel free to PM me
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        For us, as long as it's a complete sentence and actually answers the question, it's good.

        Here's an example.... the question is from Greek myths and says: Why did Artemis like Orion so much? How did she honor him after death?

        My boy's answer: He was a good hunter, so she made a constellation of him.

        The guide's answer is over 25 words (p. 29 if you'd like to read it), but that's what my son came up with. I did help with grammar and spelling, but the content is his. If he had just written the first or second clause, the answer would be incomplete, and I'd point out that he needs to answer both questions. (Of course, answering in two sentences would also be acceptable.)

        So, we actually did most of it orally, and I had him write one or two answers per lesson. He didn't/doesn't love to write, so I back down on the quantity but expect the quality for what IS done.

        Hope that helps!
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          Thank you all! That is really helpful. It's particularly helpful to know that the lists don't have to be complete sentences - that was like pulling multiple teeth at once.

          Carrie, thank you for the example. I really appreciate it!