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    Hi All,

    We discuss books on audio from time to time here. I'm WAY behind the rest of the culture on what's 'out there' available to us, and only just today discovered the 'Bible' app. I downloaded it on our new iPad. (My iPhone is too old and outdated to handle this app.) I discovered all the different Bible versions and, lo and behold, KJV! Read by the most amazing voice I've every heard (for audio) - Max MacLean. So check it out if you need this resource for you or you kids. They also have the NIV 'Listeners Version', again Max MacLean. (I'm not a fan of NIV, but this is a very nice recording!)

    They don't have the The Golden Children's Bible (ha ha) on this Bible App. Wouldn't that be awesome? We've discussed here how wonderful it'd be to have an audio recording of that to go along with our MP Christian Studies.

    Just sharing,

    SusanP in Va

    For Catholic families: if your parish has subscribed to the FORMED app, you can access the entire dramatized audio of the New Testament (RSV-CE) for free! If your parish doesn't have access, here's more info. It's a great program from the Augustine Institute in Denver:

    If you don't have FORMED, you can also get the dramatized version through Ignatius Press' Truth and Life app but that costs $19.99.
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      Another lovely resource is the app ( whereupon you can listen to the New Testament in ecclesiastical Latin! Each book opens with a choral song and then the first passage is chanted, then the remainder of the book is read, semi-dramatized. I'll attach a photo so it's easier to find.
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