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    Originally posted by Colomama
    Katie avoid ducks. They are a stinky, wet, sloppy mess. All. the. time. They have to clear their nostrils after eating, so it's like a kid blowing bubbles into their drink with food in their mouth. Ugh. Just sayin....chickens are way better. I love chickens. Chickens lay way more eggs, so they earn their keep better.
    Well, there’s some information I didn’t know I needed... thanks! ?
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      Originally posted by Anita

      Yep! That was me. ?
      Easton Press or Folio Society. Both are spectacular. Buy them new (for a pretty new penny) or used (with one you’ve had in your pocket awhile).
      Didn't know that about Folio Society! Now I have another key word to use in searches. Thank you!
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        It's time to bump up everyone's favorite post! 🎉🎄

        Share your favorite ideas here or follow for inspiration.

        Items on the list here ...

        Gymnastics mat
        Art supplies .... Sketchbooks, markers, canvases, etc
        Stand for heavy bag
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          All: ornament (family tradition), individual boxes for their ornament collections, books, 1 movie, water bottles, NERF guns and darts, Hershey's kisses and 1 full size candy bar

          S (23), G (17), D (16): ties and new suits for the 2 who wear them, white shirts for all

          G & D: line drawing books from Rainbow Resource

          J (25) & S: money/gift card

          girl (13): new dress and HEELS (whaat?! when did she get that big? SNIFF!), chef's apron, sketchbook, new paintbrushes, Spa Date with me (mani/pedi day)

          M (5): magnifying glass, "popper" toy, rock digging kit, Kinetic sand and bin, stickers, bubble machine/bubbles, digital clock (so he will hopefully stop getting up at 4:30 a.m.!), Costco sized box of fruit snacks (not a commonly bought item here) and MP Kinder curriculum!

          Mr. Enigma: PC game, tie, movie he wants, and whatever the kids decide Daddy just HAS to have!

          Me: I asked for wooden spoons, Scots tea towels, an air fryer/instant pot, new chef's apron, a coil binder, and a MacBook Air with extra memory in pink cause it's so reasonably gonna happen!

          We are giving each other bathroom hardware. For some reason this house didn't have any in the master and we just kinda forgot about it.

          As the kids have gotten older, gift lists have gotten shorter.
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          The Princess:
          F- 7/08

          The Youngest Boy:
          M- 9/16


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            I'm buying for grandbabies now... Just dd(16) left at home:

            Our three married adult kiddos and their spouses: Each family is getting a packable jump-start unit for cars, a ball cap headlight (they all have dogs they walk) and a few random fun things DH found second hand.

            Dd(16) is getting quick drying towels and a shower bag for potential summer study abroad and college, and a pair of lace-up boots. Nice to have on campus. Probably a few random books.

            DGD (3) Butcher paper, construction paper, post-it notes

            DGS (2) Chubby little trucks (Rainbow Resource) and a snow suit

            DGD (new!) A "baby paper" pig (Rainbow Resource)

            ETA- also a "frog shaped" matching game from Rainbow to keep on the game shelf at our house. That's a favorite grandkid spot, and there's not much there for them right now.
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              I am behind with this... We fill stockings with candy and chocolates, and sometimes a tiny gift, so those are easy. I think it will be a first-ever nail polish for my girl (don't hate me for making her wait ;-) ), not sure about the boys. There will be Tolkien galore for all of them to share - the big kids are great fans, and since my daughter started reading The Hobbit to her little brother, he's caught the bug too, which I did not expect! During a recent long car ride he announced he was drawing the Lonely Mountain... I have a calligraphy set for my daughter, and, since a Christmas ornament is also one of our traditions, I could add to her collection of Delft ornaments by Kurt Adler. I found awesome stained glass ornaments with a Nativity last year at HomeGoods, maybe I'll be as lucky this year.
              My oldest had a recent survival campout with his Trail Life troop, so we had to buy some camping equipment that could have been a great gift idea - he loves his fire starter! So I'm not sure yet what we could give him now... And my youngest is at a tricky age, for now I have a box of dvds from the Disney series Zorro I had to buy from Amazon Italy to get a reasonable price - we have a multiregion player so I can buy movies when we're in Italy.
              Every year I'd love to be done with buying gifts by the time Advent begins, but every year I am not even close to being done!
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