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    Traditional Spelling 2 Question

    I recently ordered the Traditional Spelling Book 2 program for both my children after reading on here how highly it was recommended, even for older students. My oldest is in 5th grade and my other student is in 4th. I thought for sure they would blow through the first few lessons, but when I gave them a pretest this morning for the first lesson they both struggled. My 5th grader missed 4 and my younger student missed 6. I'm wondering if I am okay to stick with book 2, or if I should order book 1 and start from the beginning. Both of my kids were reading when we came to MP, so they didn't get the benefit of the MP phonics, and both have always struggled with spelling.

    Thank you for your advice!


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    Re: Traditional Spelling 2 Question

    Hi Michelle,

    I am currently teaching both levels of Traditional Spelling, Level 2 with my 8 year old who has been an MP student since pre-k, but my 9 year old is doing Level 1. I love the spelling because neither level looks “baby-ish”. Here is how I’m helping Level 1 be a complete review for my daughter: we never skip the phonics flash cards or reading lists in Classical Phonics, and every week we brainstorm more words with the spelling patterns in each lesson and then we create lists that she writes on her spelling notebook. I test her on the actual TS word lists, but give extra credit for writing/spelling our extra list words each week. We also add in a few words from literature that we have analyzed together for their spelling patterns. It’s going so well for my daughter who has really struggled before with spelling!
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      Re: Traditional Spelling 2 Question

      Do they "Say, spell, say" the words every day?
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        Re: Traditional Spelling 2 Question

        Originally posted by Courtney View Post
        Do they "Say, spell, say" the words every day?
        Yes, we recommend that students review in this way every day. See the "Sample Lesson Plan" on pp. vi-vii. Say, Spell, Say is a sub-bullet of #2 on Day One and #1 on Days Two-Five.