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As time passes...(re: Birds)

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    As time passes...(re: Birds)

    I wanted to share something today. I was doing this week's Birds quiz with my 6th grader. I was holding up these beautiful, full-color, large-size flashcards of each bird, followed by playing the gorgeous bird sounds from the list provided on the MP website.

    My memory flashed back to my first time through this course, when I was using it with my current 10th grader. We used index cards with the very teeny-tiny picture sticker for each bird on them. We did not even know that we were supposed to learn the bird sounds.

    Then my 8th grader chimed in with, "Hey, you never let ME hear the sounds!" Response: "Well, we didn't have the list for you either, honey."

    And today it's so easy. And so much better, because you guys at MP kept working on it, listening to our thousand-and-one-requests, and saying, "Sure! We'll put that on the wishlist." So that even my guys who missed things still get to learn them as their younger siblings learn them. Or they get to see the beautiful picture flashcards and think, "Hey! NO FAIR! I had to MAKE MINE!" Cuz that is priceless too!

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    Re: As time passes...(re: Birds)

    I know! When my son was working in the warehouse during college and we came out with the Latin flashcards, he was furious that he had made hundreds of cards over the years. He did not like making flashcards.



      Re: As time passes...(re: Birds)

      I agree 100%! <3
      Wishes do come true. Wishlist items get created and are available!
      Festina lentē,
      Jessica P

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        Re: As time passes...(re: Birds)

        I'm having the same experience doing Traditional Spelling for the first time this year!
        Mom to 5 boys-14,13,10,8,5 and the girls- 3 and 1