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    Flashcard question :)

    My son is taking the Prima Latina in school. He is struggling a little and I find it hard to help since I myself do not know/speak Latin. I purchased the pronunciation cd to help and now I am looking into the flashcards also.

    :?: Can anyone tell me if the flashcards include which lesson words are from so that I can use the CD with them?

    :idea: Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!
    A Friend in Christ,

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    The flashcards include the lesson numbers from Latina Christiana 1, but not Prima Latina, and the order is generally quite different. I think you would benefit greatly from purchasing the Teacher's Manual (and perhaps the flashcards too, but most importantly the TM). The TM contains grammar background for parents and all the material covered in the student book along with the answers. Since you asked about figuring out how to match the cards to the lessons, I'm assuming you don't have either the student or teacher's books.

    Prima Latina is *very* simple, and I think that if you go ahead and buy the Teacher's Manual, you won't find it difficult to keep up with your son's class and help him along. I think the flashcards are very helpful, and I very much appreciated them in our study of PL -- and, of course, they will continue to be useful through Latina Christiana 1 as well. But if money is a concern, then go for the Teacher's Manual. It will give you everything you need to keep up with the class and help your son along.[/b]