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    Originally posted by enbateau

    I saw a 50th anniversary edition of the American Heritage Dictionary, 5th edition. Which year/edition are you recommending? I went down a wormhole of reading dictionary reviews for a half-hour have a lot to say.
    tanya Since I saw you peeking into the forums, any update on a MP 3-7 dictionary? Also, do you have any details on edition of the American Heritage Dictionary recommended for 8th and up?

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      Anyone have a dictionary made for Ancient Wirlds?


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        Bumping this up to ask about a dictionary for The Bronze Bow?
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          Originally posted by Enigma
          Bumping this up to ask about a dictionary for The Bronze Bow?
          Bronze Bow is in the dictionary for 7th grade that was posted above by Runner Joy. 7th Literature Dictionary .pdf‚Äč
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            I've updated the 5th grade lit + FMOR dictionary to add missing vocabulary and a larger font. Feel free to use if you'd like.
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