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Any word on First Form Latin?

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    Any word on First Form Latin?


    I was browsing the website and noticed mention of First Form Latin which was to be published in 2007. I'm very curious about this because we will be completing LC2 this year. Any info appreciated.

    Thanks and Blessings,
    Angelina in Louisiana

    Angelina in Louisiana,

    It may be out by this fall, but we won't have word until this summer.

    Thanks for asking.

    Martin Cothran


      Thanks for the quick reply. I'm eagerly awaiting news of the release.

      Hoping for a summer release,
      Angelina in Louisiana


        Q for Martin re: First Form Latin

        Is it MP's goal to eventually replace Henle with First Form and it's following texts (presumably 2nd Form, etc.)?

        Or is it intended as a supplement to the current Henle offering?



          Good question, Chris! Anyone know the answer?

          FWIW, if you DO replace Henle in your sequence with Mrs. Lowe's "own masterpiece" of Latin , here is some feedback from a current Henle I student (very new):

          1. Workbook format for the student, with space for exercises

          Is it possible to have a workbook format for this program, just like you have for LC I & II and Prima? [I purchased Prima to use with my daughter (orally at first) next year, and I think the workbook format is great!] With Henle, I spend a lot of time typing and printing out the exercises, flipping back and forth in the four (!) books -- Henle text, Henle grammar, Henle answer key, MP study guide. It's awkward, trying to type or write while holding open the textbook, etc. I think the format of the current Henle program would keep me from using this with a typical 5th-6th grader. Having to study from four books just to accomplish part of one lesson is unnecessarily labor-intensive and inefficient -- and might be too much for some younger students to handle. So, the format could be more user friendly.

          2. More systematic lessons

          Henle's format is a bit confusing. As Mrs. Lowe points out in her study guide, the structure of lessons is inconsistent, the vocabulary is scattered throughout, some of the exercises are not clear, some of the answers are not spelled out (I need this!), and so on. The format of LC/PL with the content of Henle would be a great combination, I think.

          3. Pronunciation CDs! Please, please, please

          We are learning from listening to the PL CD and watching the PL DVD. Oh, how I wish I could pop in a Henle CD -- especially with the declension endings, the model nouns, etc. Could you produce a CD for Form 1 that includes the complete oral recitation, the way you do this at school? I've been reading Mrs. Lowe's articles about memorizing the Latin grammar and conducting oral recitations -- and I'm trying to structure this for my own learning as an adult. So far I have a playlist with the prayers from PL and Lingua Angelica, a few songs from LA, and I'm recording myself saying the declension endings and model nouns. But I'm not sure I'm pronouncing anything correctly! Probably not, LOL! Well, a "grammar chant" CD would be truly valuable and appreciated. I'd buy it in a second!

          Hope this feedback gets read by someone at MP. You folks seem mighty busy. Hope it helps, too! God bless you in what you do.

          Beth B.


            Hi Beth,

            1. Workbook format for the student, with space for exercises

            2. More systematic lessons

            3. Pronunciation CDs! Please, please, please
            CD's and DVD's although the DVD's will be a little later.

            Thanks for your feedback Beth. We are planning to release a BETA version of First Form in a few weeks at a discounted price. In exchange for feedback and suggestions, you get comb bound version now at a discounted price and a free replacement copy when the final printed version is released. If you would like to join the BETA program, just email me at blowe at

            As far as a replacement for Henle, for most families, First Form will replace Henle. It is really designed for the student that has finished Latina Christiana before high school and wants to continue on with a more user-friendly text.
            Brian Lowe


              anyone know when First Form Latin will be released ?
              or can I get a beta copy ?


                What ages will this appropriate for?

                My DD started Latin with her older brother and I've always had the intention of slowing down for her as she needs. But she's hung right in there with him and will be completing LCII this spring.

                She will be 9 in August, and I need to decide where to go from here. I'm afraid Henle will be too much, and wonder if the new program will be a good fit for her age.

                Thanks for the help.



                  First Form is being tested as a beta program right now, and we would love for you to try it. The issue with doing it after LCII is that it does not have a lot of new material in it. But since your daughter is only 9, I do think it might be a better option than the Henle for her. The difference in LCII and FF is that LCII covers 4 conjugations in 3 tenses, but FF covers 2 conjugations in 6 tenses. All 5 declensions are covered in FF, as in LCII. The advantage to a younger student doing FF is that it would solidify her Latin grammar and vocabulary. The FF program has a workbook that has 4-5 pages of exercises. I think this would be a great way for your daughter to end the school year. And hopefully, by fall, we can offer Second Form as a beta. We would love for you and your daughter to proof it for errors for us and let us know what you find, what you like about the curriculum, what you would like to see changed, etc.

                  If you want to purchase FF and take a look at it, you can always return it if you really don't think it will be a challenge for her. It is a great deal right now because we are offering the entire set for only $39. It is black and white, in-house printed, but you get the student text, student workbook, set of flashcards, and a teacher guide with scripted lesson plans, a workbook key, tests and quizzes with key, and vocabulary drill sheets. I am putting the link below for you to click on. It should send you to the FF site. You can't reach this site any other way because this isn't open for sale to the public yet.

                  Take a look at it, and let me know what you think. The link also has a place where you can sign up for the First Form group forum on Yahoo.




                    Thank you for the info. First Form does sound like the right direction for my daughter. We will only be finishing LCII this spring, won't be ready for the next thing until the fall. I don't think this makes me a good candidate for beta testing, but I will keep my eye out for the official release of First Form. I'm very excited to find something that seems like it was made just for us. Thanks!


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                      Thank you for the info.
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