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    R&S Arithmetic 2

    Did you go to the trouble of printing out the boat manipulatives for MP2? In the CM, it blows through the first 40 lessons anyhow--some days fit 3 lessons into one day. There are never any instructions to teach a lesson, just do alternating rows in the workbook pages mixed with drill.

    Am I misreading the CM? At the beginning of the CM, it says to move through the review lessons quickly and not do everything on each page, and only if review is needed, to "do" the entire lesson. It doesn't even say to teach the lesson. I figured once the CM goes to "Lesson 41" with no explicit limitations on practice problems, that this is when we are to teach the lesson with the TM and materials (before-class, during-class and after-class activities).

    To seamlessly move into R&S math 2, I bought R&S Math 1, and we did lessons 56-152 over the summer. So, I'm not sure she would need the concept of boats taught, esp if there's no direction mention of doing that part in the CM.

    What say you?

    I've already printed out, colored and laminated that bees and blossoms posters, and I'm doing the bees ON pink blossoms today (to start Lesson 41). Should I also print out the boats?
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    Re: R&S Arithmetic 2

    Boats are nice but not a necessity!

    Michelle T


      Re: R&S Arithmetic 2


      Unit 1 in R&S 2 is a review of first grade math, so you only need to do the parts that your student needs in order to be ready for Unit 2, which truly begins 2nd grade math. Since you did a thorough review of 1st grade within the 1st grade book, you should be able to speed through that first workbook. Then, you will want to slow it down and thoroughly reach each lesson. For Unit 1, just use the lessons in the teacher as needed.