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    FMMA lesson plans

    I'm looking at the lesson plans for FMMA (both the separate digital LPs, and those in the Sixth Grade Curriculum Manual), and I'm not seeing where the students are assigned to read the two Introduction chapters ("The Gods of the Teutons" and "The Nibelungs"), and complete the student guide pages. There is also a test over this material, so it would take 1-2 weeks to go through the content and student work, but the LPs just have them reading the introductory essays from the appendix of the CM or LPs ("The Fall of Rome" and "Who Were the Barbarians") on week 1, and then jumping into "Alaric the Visigoth" on week 2.


    Thank you!
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    Re: FMMA lesson plans


    We don't do the Norse mythology chapters because we just can't get to them. This text is larger than a year. Our students tend to read the chapters and enjoy them, but we don't spend any class time on them. We introduce Norse mythology in 3rd grade and feel that is enough exposure. Our goal is for students to master Greek mythology since it is so prevalent in Homer and Vergil, which they read next.