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    Combining subjects?

    We are new Memoria Presss users this year. I will have a 1st grader and a 4th grader (doing 4th for new users). I’d like to have a period of time in the morning when we can all do a little learning together, but I don’t want to add more subjects or work for us. I’m wondering which, if any, of the subjects could be combined and done together. Is that too much of an age gap to combine anything?

    Re: Combining subjects?

    If nothing, I would at least do Bible time/Christian Studies together. I have a 2nd grader (in MP2) and a pre-K-er (in SC B), and we do Bible together every morning anyway...have been since he was old enough to eat table food. We do that at the breakfast table. My plan is to let them both have their separate memory work, which matches their copy work, and that will be independent of Bible time. Music and art enrichment are great areas to combine. I don't know about your older kid, but my 5th grade niece still loves to be read to, so if you have spare time in the day, let the 4th grader listen in to the 1st grade read-alouds at least one day a week. Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland, The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane, The Little Island, White Snow/Bright Snow, Abe Lincoln and many more hold appeal to all ages. You could even have your 4th grader read some of those books aloud (since they're supposed to be read once a day each week, looking at different aspects each time).
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      Re: Combining subjects?

      My bigs and littles always enjoy a little together time! I make sure they’re on the same Christian Studies schedule and read from the Golden Children’s Bible. We discuss the story using both the Enrichment Guide (littles) and the big kids student guide. I also include my big kids in the enrichment (either to fully participate or as helpers with the craft) and my littles enjoy listening to the upper grade read alouds. If I have a big kid doing Astronony, I let the littles “dot to dot” and color the constellations and then we all try to make mini marshmallow and toothpick constellations.
      I use the Story Bible for bedtime as a review. It’s too good to completely skip.
      It’s not easy to combine core subjects with that large of an age gap but it’s definitely possible to spend some time together daily.

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